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7 Shocking Facts About Parking Garage Repair

Although parking garages are constructed all over the world, there are no explicit codes or regulations that a garage must adhere to.

By Max RubyPublished about a year ago 3 min read

A parking garage is a building designed specifically for people who want their cars parked in safe and secure underground locations within their city. Most often, the garages are built underground because the surface area in cities can become very congested with cars and usually need more space underground. Parking garages are built worldwide, but there are no concrete parking garage repair regulations or codes that a garage must meet. A garage must be sturdy enough to withstand traffic and the weight of the cars inside it, but it doesn't have to be very fancy.

Below are seven shocking facts about parking garage repair that experts hope you never have to experience.

1. Parking Garage Repair Can Cost Millions of Dollars

A parking garage repair can cost millions of dollars, especially when the damage is severe. In some cases, getting the garage back to its original condition might not even be possible, and building inspectors will determine if the structure can be utilized at all.

2. Parking Garage Repairs Take Years to Complete

A parking garage repair usually takes years to complete. The structure must be disassembled, inspected, and repaired or replaced when a parking garage is damaged. Normally, this process can take years, and it's not uncommon for the repairs to take even longer than the building itself.

3. Parking Garages are Subjected to Extreme Weather

Since they are underground, parking garages are subject to extreme weather conditions. Suppose a parking garage is built in an area that experiences severe winters or hurricanes. In that case, getting materials and equipment in the garage can be impossible because of potential destruction from flooding or damage from high winds. This stresses some construction companies because of the time needed to finish a project under these circumstances.

4. Parking Garages are Exposed to the Elements

Although parking garages are underground, they're still exposed to the elements. For example, suppose a parking garage has doors that open into a garage wall and then into the outside. In that case, it will usually have windows open for ventilation purposes. If those windows are broken or not functioning properly, it becomes more difficult to keep the structure dry and preserve the materials inside during adverse weather.

5. Parking Garages Face Warped Floors When Built Underground

The floors in parking garages are usually built on top of pre-laid foundations. It's important to ensure that the foundation is not warped or twisted once the parking garage structures are on top because this can cause severe pressure on the floors underneath. This is especially true when parking structures are built on a slope or near a hillside.

6. Parking Garage Repair Requires a Rigorous Inspection Process

Parking garages must undergo rigorous inspections to ensure that they meet codes and regulations, especially regarding fire safety and structural integrity. Government agencies will check for cracks in the walls and inspect for any signs of damage, such as water leaks or excessive wear and tear from cars driving across them over time.

7. Parking Garage Repair is Not Fun for Anyone

When a parking garage is damaged and needs repairs, it's not fun for anyone. Damage hurts businesses because it takes time to repair the structure and find a new place to park their driverless cars. The government doesn't like damage because they have to pay fines if they cannot meet safety standards set forth by various agencies.


The above facts and information are just a few things you should know before getting into parking garage repair. Consider these facts as you decide if this industry is right for you.

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