7 Most Interesting Doorstop Types to Know

Doorstops account for one of the miscellaneous items that are often forgotten but provide a grip to your aesthetics.

7 Most Interesting Doorstop Types to Know

Doorstops account for one of the miscellaneous items that are often forgotten but provide a grip to your aesthetics. It is quite natural to forget about changing the doorstop when you have a grand renovation project at hand. If you are going for a renovation, you can consider these interesting doorstop types and add glamor to your space.


1) Wall Mounted Doorstops

As the name suggests, the wall-mounted doorsteps are the doorsteps that are mounted on the walls. The wall stops are screwed on the highest point on the base of the doors and feature a plastic tip to secure the door. You can even go for the chain and hook alternatives to keep the door open. The doorstop is available in a variety of colors and styles to suit your residential and commercial space. The doorstops are best utilized in high-traffic space. If you want to hold the door open, it is an ideal one to get installed.

2) Floor Mounted Doorstops

The floor-mounted door stops are mounted on the floor and the endless style opportunities make it a favorite among the homeowners. The magnetic floor mounted doorstop is the most stylish doorstops of 2020. You can attach a small piece of the magnet to the door to keep the door wide open. These doorstops comprise of metal arches that are fitted into the floors. You can avail of it in magnet, floor, or chain alternatives according to your preference and requirements. Rubber edges are utilized as the best-mounted doorstop in broad commercial and residential applications.

3) Decorative Doorstops

Decorative doorstops are one of the most utilized doorstops in the residential region. The doorstops are manufactured using cast iron and clay and are molded into interesting designs, shapes, and statues. The door stops help to keep the door open. These types of doors are rarely found in a commercial or industrial setting.

4) Overhead Doorstop

The overhead doorstop comprises a metal arm connected with a frame. The overhead doorstop controls the frequency of the door openings and is set between the range 90 and 100 degrees for comfortable opening. The overhead doorstops are intended to permit the body of the gadget to be concealed inside the door frame.

5) Hinge Pin Doorstop

The Hinge Pin Doorstep is preferred by both commercial and residential spheres for its invisibility. This type of doorstop is invisible and helps in secure privacy and maintaining aesthetics. While installing the hinge Pin doorstop, you need to be conscious about the pivot as perfect installation requires a similar brand pivot. For appending the fixtures properly, you need to have some expanded button tips too.

6) Closers

Door closers are the gadgets that are used to close the doors naturally. The closers are an amalgamation of metal and steel that connects with the arms. The arms can be changed according to the door opening or a specific point. The closer is a pressures type gadget that prevents the door from opening after a specific range.

7) Kick down Doorstop

The kick down doorstop is designed to stop the door from hitting the wall and prevents the doors from closing. It keeps the door open until an external force is applied to close the door. The kick down door stop should be installed and placed perfectly to work effectively else it is useless to install. Placement matters the most in kick down doorstops.

Doorstops don’t account for an important accessory in your home and commercial space, but it certainly plays a crucial role in regulating the swift flow of personal and professional urgencies. Therefore, choosing the right doorstop is extremely important. A right doorstop complements the space.

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