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6 Ways to Make the Interior of Your Family Home Seem Like Brand New

Making Your Home Seem Brand New For Your Family

By Mia MoralesPublished 5 years ago 6 min read

You love your house. This is after all where you raised your family (or barring that at least the place where you keep all of your stuff) and you want to be sure that you can bring out the best in your beautiful home. Luckily for you, there’s a multitude of ways to do exactly that; fresh paint job, maybe move a few things around, or update your tired old cabinets. You can change and revitalize your house in plenty of ways that can make it feel like brand new, and without breaking the bank in the process—well, at least for the most part anyway.

If you want to bring new life into your home—be it to sell it, or just because you’re tired of how old everything is—follow the helpful advice, and handy tips that we will outline below with these six fabulous renovation ideas.

Update Your Floors

The floors in your home add quite a lot of character, and making sure that they are in tip-top condition contributes to the overall health and well being of your home. You don’t want to be walking around on floors that will sink and buckle beneath your every step, now would you?

Hardwood lumber is a more than suitable means to update your old flooring, and add a little more personality to your pad. You can outfit your place with pretty much any size, width, or color boards that you can get your hands on, although a 3 ¼ inch wide plank has been pretty popular for the past few years what with the more formal vibe it gives your home. The truly wonderful thing about re-doing your floors with this material is because there are so many different choices for you to mix and match, any room you put it in will differ from the last.

Make Your Home Seem More Open

People like a place where it seems like one room flows into another. You know how it goes—you switch the TV over to one of those design shows, and you see someone going nuts over how “open” their kitchen, family room, and dining room is, now that it’s all pretty much one big room.

Well, If you’re interested, here’s a way that you can achieve that sense of openness too, without knocking down walls (though if you like, that certainly is a viable option, albeit more pricey). All it really takes is you getting rid of some of your more big, bulky, and heavy furniture, or even better, moving a few pieces around in ways that provide your room with the most amount of space.

A few other tricks can involve you painting your heavier pieces a warm, light off-white color. This makes it blend into the room better, and gives the impression that there’s an open airiness in the space that wasn't there before. You can also put a mirror directly across from a window, and the light that reflects into the room will also create a sense of space and openness that you want.

Spruce Up Your Cabinets

Your cabinets are the thin line between dragging your home into the 21 century, or either having it stuck in the dark ages. You probably wouldn’t think so, but cabinets can really date a home. There are a plethora of ways you can make your cabinets look brand new. So many in fact, that if you do nothing else on this list, this one should at least be your first draft pick for classing up your place.

In fact, here are just a few of the ways you can update your cabinets:

  • Try adding new hardware—For this one, you don’t even have to do anything to the doors themselves. Just put on new knobs or pulls and you’re ready to go.
  • Paint them—This one might have been a no-brainer. It can work as the inverse of the previous option, you don’t have to change the hardware at all, just put on a new coat of paint.
  • Reface the cabinets—If the structural integrity is still good on your cabinets after all this time, then you can reface them, which basically means that you’re swapping out the old doors and drawers for new ones.
  • Add a little extra—This one really only involves taking your already good-looking cabinets, and adding something like display shelves to make them look even better.

There are so many options beyond just these that it’s almost ridiculous the number of things you can do to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom though just the cabinetry alone. Not only are these good ideas for you to try, but you don’t even have to spend a huge amount of money to do them.

Modernize Your Lighting

So you’ve probably already caught on to this already, but there’s plenty of elements in your home that can contribute to the old and outdated feel of the entire place. Just like the examples of the cabinetry above, your ancient lighting can also make your home feel like it’s stuck in the past.

Getting updated lighting is a really good way to make your home feel entirely new, and just like most of the other options on this list, this one is (mostly) cheap. Read on, and hopefully, you’ll be inspired to try one of these options for yourself.

  • Try a contemporary lamp design—this one is really easy to pull off. Just swap out or add an entirely new light fixture, and you can instantly add a little more flair to any room you do this in by putting a new contemporary piece among your older furnishings.
  • Establish Your Home’s flow—Your house’s light fixtures can help you to divide and create spaces that are separate from each other. If you want to have clearly defined boundaries between each room in your home then put some pendant lighting overhead in each room/area that you want to separate.
  • Find Some… Unique Lighting—Lights can be a lot like cabinet fixtures, there are so many different kinds that can fix each and every personality out there. Get a lamp that’s got a funky shape (like, say a fish) and put it on a table. You’ll be blown away by how much that simple, weird fish lamp adds to the whole room with its boldness.

Get New Window Treatments

Just deciding what kind of windows to put into your home can be a pain, much less how you’re going to decorate them once you’ve gotten them. It’s for this reason that a lot of people understandably leave theirs bare; they figure it’s easier that way.

Well, fear not! You don’t have to be amongst the scores of folks out there that keep their windows naked! There is hope! Dressing your windows is actually a very effective way to add some more charm and pizzazz to your pad.

There’s everything from geometric curtain panels, bamboo shades, or white sheers. If that’s too much, or just not your style, then you can look around at what you’ve already got set up in the area around said naked window, and take inspiration from the surrounding color scheme. It doesn’t have to be anything super ornate, keeping it simple is fine. Just please, dress your windows; they’ll thank you for it.

Consider Trying Wallpaper

You might have looked at this one and immediately decided that it was a no go. Wallpaper used to be pretty popular at one point, but that time has now passed… is probably what some of you reading this might be thinking. In reality, there’s plenty of designs, colors, and patterns that can do a complete 180 on your old walls. The best part about this choice? Most wallpaper nowadays can be easily removed, so you can change out what you want whenever it suits you. A good tip for wallpapering is to just do one wall, and leave the rest alone; this design choice isn’t too overbearing, and manages to add some depth to any room.

Any of these simple and relatively low-cost options can completely change your home for the better, and along with making you feel better about your home, they also have the advantage of adding actual value to your home as well. There may not actually come a day where you are looking to sell your home, but hey, if you are ever looking to put it up on the market, you can expect to get more than before you made any of these changes.

While your reasons for renovating your home don’t really need to be explained to anyone, you at the very least, now have options that’ll help you improve things in your house’s interior. So change your lighting, update your cabinets, and get new flooring; the why behind why you want a change doesn’t really matter. Take a long look at your house, and see where you think it could use some improvement and then get on it! As long as you’re fine with all of the changes and updates you’ve made to your place, you’ll be good to go.

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