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6 Mistakes to Avoid While Replacing Your Door Lock

Here are some common mistakes that you need to avoid while replacing the door locks.

By Priyanka jainPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

To deter the entry of burglars and thieves into the property the homeowners should consider replacing the door locks on and off.

Are you troubled by the loose doorknobs and want to get it fixed quickly? The primary thing when one goes for repair is ensuring security.

Buying a door lock might seem simple, but individuals still end up making mistakes that could have been prevented.

Hiring professionals to do the task will ensure a guarantee of security and safety.

Here are some common mistakes that you need to avoid while replacing the door locks.

1) Doors tested, keys forgotten

After the installation and testing of the door, keys are the next thing that needs to be tested. This is one of the common mistakes that amateurs make and end up locking themselves. Instead of waiting anxiously for the locksmith, you need to be conscious and grab the key before installing the new lock.

2) Misplaced Orientation

What causes a lock to malfunction is the wrong orientation. Homeowners often err in placing the lock improperly and by the time they realize it, the mistake has been committed. Take proper note of the alignment and orientation before getting the new lock installed.

3) Error in Drilling the holes

Drilling the holes consciously is important for the perfect installation of the new door lock. Drilling the holes from inside is the correct way and the sides should be switched immediately after witnessing the holes on the other side. The installer needs to be watchful to the whole procedure.

4) A Casual approach to instructions

The door installation instructions are aimed at the proper and safe installation of the doors. No one door installation that doesn’t come with an instruction manual. The casual approach of the homeowners towards the instruction makes them end up making a mistake.

5) Improper measurement

Does your door close properly after installation of the Door Lock? Proper bevelling ensures that a door will probably close with a jamb. This ensures the proper functioning of the door. The doors have to be properly measured from the side of the door that is not beveled.

6) Disregarding Weather conditions

If you are purchasing a door lock for an external one, then the weather conditions are something to consider. Extreme weather conditions can cause door warp that can make it complicated to close the door. Look for the locks that are water and weather-proof, don’t have any buttons or batteries or push-button codes.

Installing a door lock seems an easy deal but it is indeed a challenging one. Getting aware of how to avoid common door lock mistakes is better than putting the security at risk with a minor neglection.

Now, you have read about the most common mistakes people make while getting installed a lock, you can try to get it installed or you can hire an expert to do the job for you. Save yourself from the hassle of engaging in a complicating task and call an expert to do it for you.

Check the door lock, design, and material and choose the right remedy, not every cheap lock is ideal for your door; remain vigilant while choosing your door hardware.

Prevention is better than cure. Ensure the security of the home and the belongings, choose the right door lock.

When replacing the door locks, you need to go through the book of instructions for avoiding any mistake that could harm the functionality of the door. Choosing the right Commercial and Residential Door Hardware in consultation with an expert can help you get installed the door accurately.


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I am English honors student and trying to enhance my skills by sharing some home improvement tips for security purpose only

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