5 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

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5 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Electricity Bill

Have you ever stopped to think about how many appliances you have at home? There must be several, right? The constant technology advances make us have more and more home appliances and electronic equipment, and all these increase the consumption of electrical energy in a house. Also taking into account the increase in electricity costs, and environmental impact, the reduction of expenses becomes of fundamental importance.

But how to reduce your energy consumption, and avoid wasting? Check out below five cost-effective ways to reduce your energy consumption.

1—Replacing light bulbs

The light bulbs models on the market differ in price and energy savings. It is essential to understand that paying less on a light bulb can generate a considerable increase in your electricity bill later. The main available models are:


They are cheaper, easier to recycle, and have no toxic materials in their composition. However, they spend a lot of energy, and are inefficient, since only five to ten percent of the electric energy spent turns into light (the rest is transformed into heat, and dissipates into the environment).


They are efficient and economical. They are more expensive than ordinary ones, but they are much more durable. Also, they are available in a wide range of shapes and colors.


Due to its more advanced technology when compared to other models, Light emitting diodes (LEDs) light bulbs are very economical, and are not composed of harmful material to health and the environment; it does not transmit heat, and is the most durable and efficient.

2—Unplug idle electronics.

It is not a myth; this is one of the best ways to save money, since several devices are in standby mode to keep sensors and clocks working. Therefore, avoid leaving the microwave, air conditioners, DVDs, and TVs connected to the plugs. Do you know another big energy sucker? Your cell phone charger! Always unplug it when not in use.

Do you know how much electricity a computer uses? Whenever possible, use the power saving features so that the monitor and computer are always on standby when not in immediate use. Do not leave monitors, printers, speakers, and other accessories in standby unnecessarily.

3—Decrease heat exchange in the refrigerator.

If you have ever left the refrigerator on at home during a trip, you may have noticed that while it was running, the appliance used much less energy while you were away. Your refrigerator uses electricity to lessen the heat inside it, which means that the less you open and close its doors, the less energy it needs to use. Therefore, it is not difficult to make the refrigerator more economical: think about what you will take before opening it. Also, leave it well away from external sources of heat (such as the oven, or the sun), and avoid storing hot foods.

4—Consider a periodic upgrade of your home appliances.

That 61-inch tube TV is still in your room? And the old refrigerator, which was your grandmother's, is still there too? We know it's hard to detach from some items, but they may be using far more energy than they should, because of outdated technology, or lack of proper maintenance. So keep an eye on it!

5—Turn off the lights.

As mothers use to say, "always turn off the light when leaving the room!" If you do not know how much time you will be away, do not risk forgetting the lights are on at random.

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