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14 Gorgeous Bathroom Ideas You'll want to Steal

by Max Bryant 4 months ago in how to
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If you are remodeling your bathroom or want to remodel the space with a whole new look, the best place to start is by choosing right design.

14 Gorgeous Bathroom Ideas You'll want to Steal
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

If you are remodeling your bathroom or want to remodel the space with a whole new look, the best place to start is by choosing the right color that matches your desired aesthetic. While some favor warm colors in variations of red, orange, or yellow, others lean toward cooler tones such as gasoline, aqua, and cobalt. One color that stands out on the cool color wheel is green.

Besides adding a strong natural environment to a room, it's an easy way to paint your bathroom green (or incorporate it into the design) to evoke feelings of peace and security. Your bathroom can be a safe haven of solitude, so tapestry in green will only complement the sense of calm and renewal you desire. Add a splash of color to an overly white room with a forest green wardrobe, or add a touch of mint to shower curtains and patterned walls. Or make a bolder statement, painting and designing the entire bathroom in different shades of green — from sage and emerald to neon and fern — and create an attractive image for you and your guests as you enter.

1. Bold and elegant

For an overall quiet space, incorporate a variety of shades of green into your bathroom décor. Gold lighting, strong wallpaper, and an elaborate floor design create a unique contrast throughout the room.

2. Simple and bright

Adding a warm shade of green to your ceiling will add a pop of color to an overall white room. Designed by Jennifer Pernod Declini, large windows in the bathroom surround the tub with claw feet, helping to let in light for an airy, sparkling feel.

3. A touch of green

With white walls and soft gray patterned floors, the eye-catching design in this bathroom look is the soft shade of green for the bathtub. The addition of floral and fresh floral prints only adds to the serene environment.

4. Pistachio Walls

The design of the bathroom with pistachio-colored walls will add energy to the space. Combine it with a brightly striped shower curtain for a bright and vibrant contrast.

5. Fuo boards

If you have a small bathroom (or other room) with low ceilings, you can add that sense of height by placing your art on the floor rather than walls. The color green in the entire room is a refreshing touch.

6. Fresh vegan

Give your bathroom a bright and fresh look with this floral sink skirt and window wallpaper.

7. Bono inspired

Designer Mandy Gubler gave this bathroom a boho look with an oversized map on the emerald wall. The surrounding white walls and wooden floor add contrast to the room.

8. Rustic and rich

For a rustic look, use brass fixtures in your bathroom design. A leather-trimmed mirror anchor adds a cabin-like feel to the room and complements the white walls and green lights.

9. Vintage and redirect

For an unexpected look, install a wall faucet and a water pipe to turn an old soda fridge truck into a sink.

10. Camping atmosphere

Use Bunker Hill Benjamin Moore on the walls to enhance the rustic feel of your bathroom. The white color stands out in the room and complements the wooden furniture.

11. Luxury shower

This shower exudes a sense of elegance. Use a ceiling-mounted curtain to create the illusion of soaring ceilings.

12. Taking Fancy

A white marble floor, wing chair, and uniquely ornate nightstand create a stunning contrast in this elegant master bathroom designed by Tish Mills.

13. American luxury

Los Angeles-based Patrick uses a black marble-topped wood counter in this sophisticated master bathroom that expertly blends old and new world elements.

14. private oasis

For this Laguna Beach home, interior design firm Harte Brownlee & Associates created a spa-like master bathroom with marble flooring, bathtub, and walls. A calm palette completes the scene.

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