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13 kinds of food should not be used as supplementary food before one year old, affecting the health of the child mother don't think not

13 foods that should not be used as supplementary food before the age of one

By testPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
13 kinds of food should not be used as supplementary food before one year old, affecting the health of the child mother don't think not
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The meals your child eats until the age of one are supplementary foods. Mothers must be careful when choosing foods, and choosing them incorrectly can be very dodgy. #Rhyme Zero Project

What are the risks of poor food choices until a child is one year old? Choose foods carefully

Risk 1: Child's allergy

There was a 5-month-old child in Weifang who was allergic to egg yolk and by the time he was taken to the hospital, he was already having difficulty breathing due to edema in his throat. Fortunately, the doctor was able to save the child in time, otherwise, the child would have been unable to return to life!

Risk 2: Damaging your child's teeth

It is not recommended for children to eat too sweet food before they are one year old. If you choose supplementary food for your child, the sugar content in it is relatively high, which will harm your child's milk teeth, and once your child's milk teeth are decayed, it will affect your child's chewing and nutritional intake.

Risk 3: Damage to the child's nerves

The child's brain is developing rapidly before the age of one, and the brain needs a lot of nutrients in the process of development and is also very sensitive.

Risk 4: Impact on your child's growth and development

Improperly prepared food can lead to diarrhea, which can affect the child's growth and development.

This is why it is so important to choose what foods to supplement your child's diet until he or she is one year old.

These 13 kinds of food are not good for children's health and should not be used as supplementary food for children, mothers should avoid

Type 1: Bacon

The bacon is mainly salted with salt and a variety of seasonings, and then dried or smoked, the seasonings and salt inside, for the child will increase the burden on the kidneys, but also affect the child's gastrointestinal.

Type 2: Pickled vegetables

In the old days, when living conditions in the countryside were not good, some porridge was cooked in the morning and some pickled vegetables were cooked, which not only contain a lot of salt but also nitrite, which can cause serious poisoning in children.

No. 3: Juice

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children should not drink fruit juices until they are one year old, as they are not good for their dental health.

Just give your child fruit to eat straight away, not squeezed into juice.

No. 4: Honey

Honey is good food for children over one-year-old, especially in autumn, to nourish and moisten the lungs, but botulism in honey may harm children before one year old.

No. 5: Nuts

Nuts such as peanuts, sesame seeds, walnuts, and almonds can indeed nourish the brain, but these granular foods can easily cause choking in children before the age of one, and even if they are powdered there is a risk of allergy.

No. 6: Drinks of all kinds

As long as the most content of drinks is water, followed by sugar, plus various flavors and colors, this is a food of low nutrient density for children before the age of one and is not recommended.

No. 7: Plain milk

Milk is very nutritious, but for children before the age of one, plain milk can easily trigger allergies and cause ddiarrhea

No. 8: Mangoes

Mangoes are very common in summer because of their high sweetness and vitamins, but they are not good complementary food for children before the age of one, as they are also a fruit with a very high allergy risk.

No. 9: Lychee

Litchi is not recommended for children before the age of one because it has a hypoglycaemic substance that may lower the child's blood sugar, which is not good for the child's health, and the fructose content in litchi is very high, which can easily lead to fia re in the child.

No. 10: Soy milk

Soya milk is a good vegetable protein for children over one-year-old, but for children before one year old, it may cause bloating and diarrhea.

No. 11: Eggs

Eggs may contain lead, which can damage children's nerves, so it is not recommended that children eat them.

Type 12: Salted eggs

Salted eggs are very salty and should not be eaten by children before the age of one. This is because eating salted eggs will increase the burden on the child's kidneys.

Type 13: Fish high in mercury

The US Food and Drug Administration, in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency, has published a blacklist of fish that contain high levels of mercury, including marlin, swordfish, swordfish, billfish, shark, squarehead, and bigeye tuna.

Therefore, parents should bear in mind that these foods are not suitable for use as a supplement for their children.


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