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12 Tips For Playing Paintball

by Zayn Karim 2 years ago in how to
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Tactics For Beginners

Paintball is much more than a team sport or a way to release adrenaline, it is more than a way to bond even more with your friends, co-workers, or family. It is a battle where you must try to make your team win and to achieve it you will have to work hard as a team.

Paintball Tactics And Tips To Put Your Opponent On The Ropes

Paintball is one of the most fashionable activities among tourism, leisure, and free-time activities to practice in Granada. Day by day the number of followers who dare to practice this sport grows, and among its followers are family and friends, work colleagues or even bachelor parties. If you haven't tried it yet, so try it once you'll love it. Although practice will give you ease, you will need to be well prepared with a series of tips to help you start or perfect this sporting activity.

Establish a Plan

When working as a team it is important to establish a plan of attack or defense. Having a strategy or game plan will provide a greater chance of success. As the rules and regulations, a well thought out plan is vital for your team to succeed.

Good Communication

One of the most important tactics is communicating with your teammates. It is critical that you discuss your focus in each of the playing zones to ensure that you are one step ahead of the opposing team. Communication is vital for the team to be coordinated, especially when executing offensive maneuvers.

Keep It Simple

The strategy to be carried out must be very easy to understand by all the members of the team. Do things most simply and do not get distracted by individualities or going off-plan. You must bear in mind that, if a member of the team has not understood it well, or decides to skip it, the companions will be confused and it can lead to you losing the game. Therefore, do not play the hero, and if you want to be unless it is previously planned.

Don't Waste Balls

It is not very advisable that you go shooting balls left and right with the aim that with a little luck it hits some component of the opposing team. Save them well for when you have a good chance to shoot the opponent from a good position and think you can eliminate him.

Stay One Step Ahead

Continually examine your surroundings. As you move through the battlefield, you should make a mental map of the area and note where the enemy is located, where they could move, what your and your team's next move could be, and what would be the best point to defend yourself.

Play With Your Head

Pause when you get to a new position and don't give in easily. Take a moment to observe the battlefield from your new position, determine if there are any opponents within your reach or if there is a better position you can get to. Unless you aim well with the paintball gun, you will hardly get a ball to hit an opponent. Shooting from the hip is quite attractive in a movie, but in reality, your balls are going to end up flying everywhere.

Look along the top of the barrel to get a good idea of ​​where the ball will go. Fire a shot & see where it hits. If it falls short of the target, aim a little higher, if it has drifted to the left it aims more to the right.

Be Attentive To Everything And Open Your Mind

Do not get caught or focus your attention on a single point. If you think that an opponent may be covered in a specific place, very exposed to the opposing team seeing it, it is possible that he is strategically placed there and a teammate may be covering him. As we say, open your mind and observe all possible situations.

Don't Stop Moving

Standing still or staying in the same spot will make you an easy target for the enemy and the opposing team can maneuver around you. Don't be afraid to advance to a point where you can be more useful to your team. By staying thirty meters behind the front line you will not be within reach of the opposing team, but you will not help anyone either.

Be Smart

Collect as much information as possible about the play areas and plan your strategy before the game begins. If you are already in the game, collect information during the game so you can use it against the enemy in the next game. Any information is good; opponent's movements, hiding places, or areas to attack or defend. If you can make a mental map of the playing area and identify key points and large places to use as cover, you will start the game with greater confidence and your team will become more efficient.

Use Stealth Mode

An aggressive approach can work in certain situations, but discrete, planned moves pay off in the long run. Although overwhelming the opposing team and using aggressive tactics can work well in some game zones, learning to blend in with the environment, use distraction tactics, and creep forward may be the best angle of approach in other games. Take your time to go from one area to another, stand on your toes, and keep your head down.

Stay Positive And Have Fun

This is the basic purpose of the game. This can be easier said than done when under fire and feeling the pressure. Do not get angry with each other. If you see that a member of the group is not doing things well, talk to him, and explain how to do it. If you blame him, he will turn against you.

These are our 12 tactics and tips for playing Paintball that we hope have been of help to you.

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