10 Things to Know About Metal Roofing

Roofing material is something that the homeowners don’t consider while installing the roof.

10 Things to Know About Metal Roofing

Roofing material is something that the homeowners don’t consider while installing the roof. Choosing the right roofing material is extremely important to avoid future expenses and troubles. Yes, asphalt shingle is an affordable option for your roof. But do cheap things ensure the security of structural integrity? Metal is one of the most preferred roofing materials among the residential and commercial spaces. If you are wondering about installing one, then here are ten things to know about it.

1) Metal roofs are more energy-efficient

Metal roofs reflect solar radiation. This phenomenon helps in reducing heat by 10-25 %. The metal roofs are ideal for a climate where cooling costs are higher than the heating costs. A metal roof can help you save on energy bills and improves the reflective capacity of the roof.

2) Metal Roofs Are Ideal For Low Slopes

It is assumed that the metal roofs are only ideal for the steep slopes. But this is not true. A seam metal roof can work ideal with the pitched roof. These roofs are installed in high sheets and sealed tightly to resist the flow of water from seeping into the structure.

3) Metal Roofs can be installed easily in Winter

The metal roofs don’t require to be sealed like traditional roofing. The only exception to a metal roof is it works well only if the installation is done well. If your roof hasn’t been installed properly then you may encounter issues like leaking roofs.

4) Available in different material

With a metal roof, you have numerous options to choose from. Steel accounts for the most common one for its affordability. Other materials like aluminum, zinc, titanium, and copper account for the major possibilities with metal. Each metal is priced differently, with copper being the most expensive one.

5) Metal roofs can become dented

Although the roofs are designed to bear the harsh weather attack like wind, snow, and hailstorm, some metal roofs can still get dented by hail or falling branches. Aluminum and copper are known as the stronger metal roofing options in comparison to steel.

6) Metal Roofs are Stylish

Found in a variety of materials, the metal roof is regarded as the most stylish roofing option. You can choose from zinc, aluminum, steel, or copper in a variety of colors, shapes, and finishes. In comparison to Asphalt which offers 15-20 choices, the metal roof comes with more than 100 options to choose from. Steel and aluminum are the most used material in residential spaces as they are durable and hold the finish well.

7) Metal Roofs are Recyclable

Apart from being long-lasting, the metal roofs are recyclable. The metal recyclers accept the old metal readily.

8) A Metal roof can be installed on existing Roof

Yes, you have heard it right! The metal roof can be installed on any roof material without the need for tearing off the existing material. The practice of installing the roof over another is not practiced as it can lead to rust and mold issues. Before installing a metal roof on your residential or commercial space, make sure to know the state and local building codes.

9) Cost-Effective Option

You might be thinking that the asphalt roof is much cheaper than the metal roof. It is true! But the metal roofs are bound to last longer than the asphalt ones. A metal roof lasts 30 years more than the Asphalt shingles. No doubt, the metal roof installation cost is more than the asphalt ones, but it is worth the investment.

10) Metal roofs are noise-free

It is a misconception that the metal roof becomes noisy when it rains. If the roof is installed properly by the experts, there is no noise issue. The attic and the insulation provide a sound barrier.

These were the common metal roofing facts to know before installing one. For getting one installed for your roof, contact the best Roofing Contractor Bronx NY.

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