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10 Surprising Ways to Hack Your Brain

by Richie Micheal about a year ago in how to
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You Can Hack Your Brain to Destroy Procrastination Indefinitely!

10 Surprising Ways to Hack Your Brain
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The human brain is the biggest asset of mankind. With its use, we have totally dominated our planet.

Though we are incapable of flying or holding things with the best claws as do other animals or run as fast as leopards do, due to our brain functions, we have clawed our way to the top of the evolutionary ladder. Despite its superb capabilities, our brain has its own limitations. These limitations often show up at worst times without notice and to our embarrassment.

Ways to Hack Our Brain

To maximize its capability, scientists are consistently working on the brain and are coming up with hacks to overcome its limits. They know that there is still a lot of information about the brain that has to be discovered. Through the research, they have come up with certain simple ways to overcome these limitations. These are time-tested ones. Here are ten ways you can hack your brain to your advantage, according to science.

1. Smiling Can Trick Our Brain Into Thinking We're Happy: Smiling always makes the people around us happy. This is because the smile releases feel-good chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin in our brain. Hence, smiling dupes the brain to think that we are happy and brings down stress and anxiety in high-pressure situations, which, in turn, lowers blood pressure and helps us live longer.

2. Study In Spaced Intervals To Retain More Information: We need to feed the information to the brain in spaced intervals. This lets us retain more information than when we try to study continuously for a longer period of time. When we take a break in studies, our brain forms new neural connections to retain what is fed to it. This process needs time.

3. Chew Gum To Reduce Anxiety And Depression: We can chew the gun and reduce anxiety. The effects are more pronounced after two weeks of regular gum-chewing. People who chew gum are known to better tame depression and fatigue as well.

4. The Aroma of Rosemary Improves Mental Ability: The usage of scented oil such as rosemary oil has got positive effects on the cognitive skills of our brain. The aroma of the oil awakens the brain into definitive action and brings more concentration on the work at hand.

5. Listen to Classical Music to Improve Learning: It is known from time immemorial that music improves the productivity of the brain. More precisely, classical music listening improves the power of concentration, which in turn improves the power of assimilation of knowledge.

6. Stop Yourself from Choking by Singing: There are times when we get confused and stuck when we are called out for a lecture or a talk. It is not because we do not know anything instead it was due to the fear of the audience. All that can be done is to sing a song in the mind to divert the mind or brain. If this is not possible in a meeting or in similar situations, we can focus on something else there in the venue or count backward.

7. Trick Your Brain into Thinking a Rubber Arm is Real: Keep a rubber hand glove near your right hand and go for sleep. When you get up you tend to use the glove as if your brain has instructed you to consider it as the right hand.

8. Use the Sun to Hallucinate: We can use the legal form of hallucinations to the re-excite human brain. As one physiologist of the 19th century had pointed out, it can be done with the help of sunlight. Looking at the sun with one closed eye, we can start waving the hand on the other side for 20 minutes. Soon we will start seeing shapes in front of our eyes. The shapes depend upon the person. Anyhow, we can expect to see shapes like spirals, hexagons, or squares. Similar hallucinations can be had if we place a white paper on the closed eyes and lie down under the bright white light in a room.

9. Use Gestures to Prepare for a Test: This is a known fact that some people need to write the learned things down on a piece of paper to impress them hard on to their memory. Some people do a session of yoga or meditation to rejuvenate their minds before embarking on their studying or learning session. These may or may not help in retaining the learned things in memory whereas the use of gestures while studying surely helps in retaining them in the memory.

10. Be More Attractive By Believing We Smell Good: Always applying scent is part of increasing the acceptability among the crowd, especially with women. This induces confidence in our mind and that would be visible in the way we deal with people.

A fully functional brain has immense potential, of which only a tiny fraction is used for intellectual functions, usually less than 5%. Hence, we need to train our brains to maximize their potential. This article lists different ways to improve the potential of the brain.

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