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10 Stunning Shower Niche Ideas for Your Bathroom

Stunning Shower Niche Ideas

By KaranPublished about a year ago 4 min read

stunning shower ideas

A great house design is never complete without an incredible bathroom. And a luxurious bathroom is said to be complete only with a sink, shower, bathtub and toilet. But utility being prime focus in any interior, the needs and requirements can be a deciding factor for these units included with the design.

Although a part of the bathroom, the shower is an independent area that can make or break the bathroom design. Adding a shower niche is a clever way to bring in some richness and glamor to a well design shower space. Here we give you some amazing shower niche ideas to use within your bathroom.

Horizontal Shower Niche

As the name suggests, this shower niche is more horizontal than vertical. This is an ideal shower niche for a comparatively larger shower area. Taking advantage of the length of the wall, these shower niche ideas help balance proportions considering the dimensions of the bathroom. Be mindful to ensure the height of the niche is sufficient enough to accommodate various bath products.

Vertical Shower Niche

This shower niche is taller than its width, and is an ideal choice for a smaller shower stall. Because of its height, it is quite a versatile shower niche design. Stacking compartments with partitions, you can accommodate a lot many bath products within such a design. You may also play with the design, and bring in some variation with the compartment heights. A vertical shower niche can also be designed with an arched top making the niche stand out.

Shower niche ideas that blend in

An absolute clean choice for people who prefer a seamless design style. Using the same tiles as the surrounding walls, these shower niche ideas blend in cleverly with the bathroom design. Specifically not drawing any attention allowing the eyes to focus on other focal points such as the fine sanitary fittings, shower niches that blend in lend a subtle touch of grace and elegance to the bathroom. Usually, such designs see a neutral shade palette in terms of the choice of tile color.

Contrasting Shower Niche Ideas

True to its name, a contrasting shower niche has a visibly contrasting element to it. Most often, it is in terms of the color palette used. This design style of is used to highlight and bring to attention the niche making it one of the focal points within the space. The color variation may be brought in with the use of different tiles – pick dark colored tiles against a neutral backdrop, and some plain simple lighter shades for the shower niche in case the rest of the bathroom is done in vibrant colors.

Framed Shower Niche Ideas

A creative approach to the regular shower niche ideas, framed niches can be worked to stand out in multiple ways. A simple way is to use the same tile pattern, but create an outlining pattern that breaks the regular alignment. The other way to create a framing is to use the bullnose tile in the same color as the rest of the space. Yet another option is use a different tile pattern altogether for the framing of the niche which will make it stand out. You may also choose a complete contrasting color to create the niche frame. In case of a patterned tile, a clean white edging used as framing for the shower niche will give it an absolute sleek and classy look.

Multiple Shower Niches

The perfect design for a large bathroom or a large family, multiple shower niches can work well in a shared bathroom. Allowing for more storage than the regular, multiple shower niches can provide every person with an independent area to keep their products. When well designed, they can add to the comfort and convenience of a bathroom. They can be designed to form a pattern across the most accentuating wall of the space. You can also choose a variation of tile pattern to make the design stand out within the design.

Shower Niche ideas with lighting

Offering a luxurious spa-like experience, shower niches with lighting are the most popular for a classy bathroom design. Install hidden waterproof profile LED lights in the upper surface of the shower niche to throw some glowing light in the niche highlighting it to become a focal point within the bathroom. This indirecting lighting is sure to add a warm relaxing bathroom experience without burning much of a hole in your pocket.

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