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10 Simple Ways To Be A Happy Person

by Gokhan Yalcuk 2 months ago in how to
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Although we have convinced ourselves that this is difficult, it is actually much simpler than we think

10 Simple Ways To Be A Happy Person
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Table of Contents

∘ 1. Spend Time with People Who Make You Smile

∘ 2. Respect Your Values

∘ 3. Accept the Good

∘ 4. Let Your Dreams Go Beyond You

∘ 5. Try to do what you love

∘ 6. Find a Purpose

∘ 7. Listen to your heart

∘ 8. Take Responsibility for Yourself

∘ 9. Be Open to Change

∘ 10. Focus on Simple Things

∘ Conclusion

We all want to be happy. Although we have convinced ourselves that this is difficult, it is actually much simpler than we think.

Of course, everyone has different ways and methods to be happy. Here is what to do to become a happier person;

1. Spend Time with People Who Make You Smile

We all have people around us who we define as “toxic”; some from family, some from work, and some from our circle of friends. We have all read or heard somewhere before that positivity is contagious. It is important to remember that negativity is as contagious as positivity.

You need to keep your distance from people who bring you down, who are pessimistic, negative and constantly criticize you. You may not be able to get them all out of your life at once — which is our suggestion — but you can at least try to distance yourself from them.

Surrounding yourself with happy and positive people will make you feel better. Surrounding yourself with people who make you laugh can be your first method.

2. Respect Your Values

Yes, beliefs can be confusing, but they can be a great support to hold on to life. Your ideas, your lifestyle, and your beliefs are completely personal to you. And protecting these private spaces can help you feel happier.

These values will increase your self-worth and the value you give to others. Search; choose what is right for you or what makes sense to you. For some, it is prayer, for others it is meditation. The choice is entirely yours.

3. Accept the Good

Negativity and pessimism have taken over every aspect of our lives. We don’t even see the beautiful things, let alone appreciate them. However, there are many beautiful things in our lives. Instead of labelling them as “worthless” and pushing them away, you can try to place them at important points in your life.

Once you realize the small beauties, you will see that happiness is not that difficult. When good things happen, even if they are very small, let them in and embrace them.

4. Let Your Dreams Go Beyond You

Yes, you may not suddenly become a musician, artist or performer. But that shouldn’t stop you from dreaming. Go inside yourself, let go of your fears and imagine what you really want, where you really want to be — without any obstacles.

Many people avoid this because they don’t want to be disappointed. But imagining is the starting point. It is your first step.

5. Try to do what you love

You may not be able to dive every day, but it shouldn’t be that hard to do it every two weeks. You need to make the effort and take the time to do the things you love.

Sitting at a desk and working all day makes us feel bad, both mentally and physically. How can you be happy when you feel so bad? You need to make time for yourself. Try everything you want to try and you will see how much better you feel.

6. Find a Purpose

Everyone wants to feel accepted and part of this world. Many studies show that people who are helpful are happier. This is because seeing that goodness has touched another living being besides themselves makes them feel like they are part of the whole.

7. Listen to your heart

We like to exchange ideas. There is no problem with that. The problem starts there: we take those ideas and incorporate them into our lives. But who knows better than you what will make you happy or unhappy?

Not your friends, not your family, not people whose opinions you respect, just you. Yes, happiness can be complicated. But only you can unravel that complexity.

8. Take Responsibility for Yourself

It is easiest to blame life and blame others — and we often choose to do so. But these accusations will not take you one step forward or backwards from where you are. Yes, many things have happened at times against your will, and perhaps they are still happening.

The only thing you need to do now is to take everything into your own hands. Everyone is responsible for themselves and only themselves. You can be sure that the moment you take responsibility, you will feel stronger.

9. Be Open to Change

We have heard, seen and read a lot about change. Let us remind you once again of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus’ words “The only thing that does not change is change”.

The change will be in every aspect of your life. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for all situations, good and bad.

10. Focus on Simple Things

Watching the stars or the clouds for hours, laughing at a silly joke made by a friend, listening to music that you enjoy immensely… these should be your little joys.


Be clear about what you value and what your goals are. If you are honest and open with yourself about what you want out of life, it will be easier to achieve what you want.

According to renowned author Steve Chandler;

“Most people are surprised to learn that the reason they get so little of what they want out of life is simply that their basic goals are too small and too vague. Goals that are too small and too vague have no power. If it doesn’t provoke your imagination, if it doesn’t stimulate your imagination, it’s impossible to achieve your basic goal. The way to really increase motivation is to set a big, specific and powerful goal.”

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