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Zomato clone food ordering script -Boosting promotional ideas

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By KARTHIKEYAN MPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Online restaurants are countless to say and they are competing for creating niche for themselves. Beside those tempting delicacies you offer, there are more things that create more loyal fan base. Some of those established brand already have made a name for them. Their brands are popular by using effective marketing tactics. Now it’s easy to create and launch own online food ordering software of big brands like swiggy, Zomato or foodpanda. Zomato clone script is famous online food ordering script available. To make a mark in your niche restaurant business, you need to include following promotional ideas.

Creating website or app

There is a huge growing demand for takeaway food and casual dining. It’s necessary that to go for creating mobile site or business app for restaurant.

Unique dishes

Update your food ordering menu with some high demand delicacies which are not readily available. You can make those delicacies as your USP for your restaurant. Always be unique is quote and people tend to go with decisions like this.

Exclusive discount offers

Exclusive offers are great way to drive more customers and retain old customers for your restaurant. Most of the food lovers connect well with “Happy hours” packages. Offer them with combo meal by highlighting prices. Delight your customers with valuable “offers” and they understand how valuable they are for your business.

Visual content engagement

Share your amazing DIY videos and behind the kitchen stories of your restaurant. Food videos always manage to gain more views and customer engagement. Post live videos on Facebook which are drool worthy to go viral one day.

Food delivery options

More new customer draws into your restaurant if you could deliver them with easy delivery options. Create food delivery app for your restaurant and give it to your delivery team. Customers like to get attracted to doorstep delivery and other fast delivery options. In recent times the food delivery options have a vast option to select from a various platform that provides you with tracking, restaurant location, and reviews along with feedback which is necessary for people to know, so they could have a overall view about the options.

Social media strategy

You may have amazing website with attractive delicacies and exclusive promotional offers. But how can you drive people to look into your website? How do they know about it? Well planned social media strategy comes to your rescue to promote restaurant business. Reach out to maximum potential customers with effective social media strategy. Target the food lovers in major robust social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Event sponsorship

Besides online promotion for your Zomato clone food ordering script, take part in events. Make your brand well known by offering specialties in person. Enhance your business visibility by participating in food festivals.

More payment options

Offer customers the flexibility to pay with cash or card or online as they wish

Google ads

It’s a cost effective way to enhance brand visibility in digital platforms. You add geo-tagging to be the top on search results for local customer findings. We can find the right customers who are seeking your product rather than posting on multiple websites and waiting for long time, it is done quick as well as instant results are given.

Competitor analysis

Keep a close tap on your business competitors and find what they missing out. You can add to your restaurant business to defeat business competitors. Having the right competitave analysis by focusing on the ideas and working on a particular strategy gives a lot of output rather than building our own thoughts for an entire page.

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