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Your ultimate guide to engage with Riyadh escort

Searching Riyadh escorts? after reading this article you will find highly educated, Intellectual and beautiful female escorts in Riyadh, Saudi to be with.

By Audrey SegalPublished about a year ago Updated 4 months ago 3 min read
Your ultimate guide to engage with Riyadh escort
Photo by Safaa Almohandis on Unsplash

I do have few female associates in Riyadh, you can email: [email protected] for booking.

The reason I am writing this article because a lot of visitors and resident got scammed while hiring an escorts in Riyadh. Also I understand at the same time it's a very tiring process to find a legitimate escort in a city like Riyadh.

Let me introduce my self first, My name is Audrey Segal and I am an Independent Dubai escort and running my own escort agency in Dubai, Riyadh, Istanbul and London.

Searching Riyadh escorts? I offer the best Nuru Massage and Tantra Massage with add-ons in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia.

Offering highly educated, intelligent, beautiful female escorts in Al Olaya, Sulaymaniyah, Al Muhammadiyah and Al Nakheel Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Escorts in Riyadh associated with me are Russian, Europeans, Arabs, Indian, Pakistani, British and American.

Each Riyadh escort associated with me is hosting in a different four and five star hotel in Riyadh.

You can find Images and videos captured by handheld no photography on my public website which is Riyadh escort. If you still wants to communicate via old school method you can still contact me via email.

You will have to enter your email address to get the access to the updated images, video and details of Riyadh escort working with me.

In terms of my legitimacy I am a well known Erotic Content Writer and writing for a publications like Quora, LinkedIn, Vocal Media, Medium, Cosmopolitan, Thrillist and many more. Every article of mine has published on the above mentioned platforms has my website and WhatsApp # for your quick review and reference.

Moreover You can google my name `Audrey Segal` more or less 100 of employees from fortune 500 companies already vouched me on different legit review platforms.

For New Customers

Please note: Images and Videos are uploaded in this website are captured by handheld no photography, so kindly don`t ask more for images and videos. If you are very choosy and wants to see more insights then you will have to pay $50 and I will share you more images and videos of the women you are interested in.


Riyadh is a city where 99% Independent escorts and agencies do bait and switch, African gangs lure customers, Russian escort agencies show beautiful women`s and customer ends up to someone else, Indian and Pakistani escort agencies promise 4 and 5 star hotels to host and client ends up to one building where 20 trafficked girls are together with no privacy.

Prices are Fix?

Prices starts from 30 Minutes 1500, 1 hour 2500, 2 hours 4500, 3 hours 6000, 6 hours 9000, 12 hours 15,000.

Above mentioned prices are in SAR (Saudi Arabian Riyal)

We accept Saudi Arabia Riyal, United Arab Emirates Dirhams, US dollars, Euro and United Kingdom GBP.


If you are someone who doesn't have any issue with privacy then you can even go to high-end night clubs in Riyadh which is obviously based in a private villas and you need a referral to get the access, have a few drinks invite few women's to talk and select the one you need it as it's not very common to find a women to have a companion in Riyadh from four and five star hotel bars. But if you are someone who can't show your self in public then you can visit my website and then touch base me on my WhatsApp for booking.


If you find someone attractive in the nightclub ( Which is again based in a private villa somewhere in Riyadh ) don't go for incall ( means don't go to her place ) instead invite her on your place or hotel as you have no idea what would be the situation when you will be inside her venue. I am not saying everyone is bad but blogs, news paper and social media is full with stories, so just be careful.


Be very careful in Riyadh if you are interested to have escort services, as I would say 95% escort service providers in Saudi Arabia are not legit. I am not saying you should take services from only but just over all be careful while taking from anyone.


About the Creator

Audrey Segal offers Nuru Massage and Tantra Massage services in Dubai with add-ons. Email: [email protected]

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