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Your Eureka Moment is Here - 11 App Development Ideas in 2020

by Abhijit Roy about a year ago in business

APP Development Ideas

Your Eureka Moment is Here - 11 App Development Ideas in 2020
Photo by Oskar Yildiz on Unsplash

Are you a startup company looking for mobile app development project ideas? Well, you aren’t the only one. The smartphone revolution has taken the world by a storm. The use of smartphones for internet access has been on the rise. This trend will doubtlessly continue in the foreseeable future. As per reports of Statista, more than 50 percent of the global population has internet access. In developed countries, this figure approaches 85 percent.

Unsurprisingly, almost 65 percent of internet users use smartphones to access the internet. When you come to think of it, mobile app ideas worth their salt will always have a significant user base. There are mobile apps for practically every task under the sun. Does that mean the room for innovation has become narrower than ever? The answer is – not at all. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite. There’s no shortage of top app development ideas.

Creativity and innovation haven’t even begun running in the fifth gear and have a substantially long way to go. The real potential of smartphone apps is yet to be unleashed. Their impact on the day to day lives of people across the world is all set to reach unprecedented heights.

As a result, ‘now’ is the perfect time for app development teams to come up with excellent mobile apps. With the required coding and app design skills, they can create superbly useful, famous and first-rate solutions and get on the bandwagon of growth. If you happen to be among these startups, here are some of the best mobile app development ideas to help you create truly seamless and useful mobile apps.

1. Words in PDFs / Pictures Translator- We are all well aware of the impact that Google Translate has had on our lives. When you read any text in a language that you don’t understand, you can simply use this app. However, it’s no good when there’s an image or a PDF file with text in the foreign language. Wouldn’t it be great if there was an AI-based app that allowed you to simply upload the image and provide you with the meaning in your language? If executed properly, this mobile application idea should be a big hit!

2. App for security alerts- When it comes to superlative app ideas for startups, providing security alerts can make substantial inroads. In market sectors where online security is a concern, a smartphone app that provides security alerts in real time can be handy. With customer interaction shifting online in an unprecedented fashion, such apps have become the need of the hour. The FinTech, banking, and e-commerce industries, among others, will benefit significantly from such an app.

3. Sports E-commerce app- Lots of young guys take up sports and invest substantially in gear. Most e-commerce apps do not offer the required variety of sports goods, and they prefer to shop for in brick & mortar shops. However, the collection in these stores is also limited. Plus, the hassles of going to different stores to find the right product takes a lot of time. Hence, an e-commerce app dedicated to sporting goods would be a godsend for these budding sportspersons, and it’s an excellent android application idea to start your business.

4. Homemade food ordering app- Eating restaurant food is fun. The food is tasty and different what we eat at home. But you can’t be ordering restaurant food every day. Also, many working/studying bachelors & bachelorettes are living alone and hate the idea of cooking. The question is, how long can they continue eating restaurant food? So, the arrival of a food delivery app that allows you to procure homemade food should find a lot of takers.

5. Barter trade app- Many of us have things which were important earlier, but we hardly use them anymore. At times, the situation comes to a stage where these belongings are doing nothing more than taking up space in our closets or other parts of our room. Trying to sell them on E-bay has also proven futile. What would you do in such a situation? Well, an app that allowed you to exchange the stuff you don’t need with products you require can prove highly useful. Think about it. It’s a great idea!

6. App to generate pre-written codes- In a world where coding is not just for coders, an instant code generator app can be among the most impactful B2B as well as B2C app ideas for startups. You can target consumers who require the online design in their day to day pursuits. Let’s take the example of a digital marketer without any HTML skills who want to create the code for upcoming email campaigns. How will they do it? Well, your instant code generator will ensure that the job is done smoothly within minutes.

7. Grocery home delivery app- Buying groceries isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Going to the market and moving through the shelves to locate the items on your list can not only be time taking but also tiresome for a lot of people. That’s the reason behind the extreme popularity of grocery delivery apps. But there’s one flaw- their reach! Most grocery delivery apps haven’t really been able to make inroads in smaller towns and cities. So, an app that’s available even for small towners should be incredibly popular.

8. App to ensure statutory compliances- Irrespective of the market sector and enterprise vertical, businesses need to comply with several legal and regulatory provisions. At times, keeping up with these compliances in a time-bound fashion can be hectic. So, coming up with an application that helps businesses stay updated about applicable laws, resolves queries and ensures compliance for different industries will be one of the best app ideas for the B2B segment.

9. ‘Homes for rent’ finder- Finding the right place to rent is tough. Yes, several apps are offering these services, but most of them are full of flaws. Some don’t have a glitch-free user interface. Others simply don’t have a sufficient number of listings. Most of them have made things confusing by adding homes for sale in the same mobile app. So, coming up with a seamless app with the desired number of homes, villas, and apartments can be highly profitable in today’s era.

10. Apps to help people workout- Health consciousness and immunity building have suddenly become the buzz words in the current global landscape. The importance of having a proper diet coupled with daily workouts, has dawned on the population across the world in fashion stronger than ever before. Sadly, the gyms are closed, and a lot of people don’t know how to start their journey. So, a mobile app that suggests the most suitable workout plan for all people irrespective of their age, gender and health status should garner a lot of popularity.

11. App for home delivery of medicines- Going out in the prevailing situations is full of social restrictions. Well, the less you go out, the safer you feel. However, people can’t survive without their medicines. So, an app that allows you to order medication from local stores and get them delivered at the earliest will enable users to stay at home while making sure that they don’t have to miss out on any of their daily doses.

Now, all of these ideas are full of promise. If you and your team can execute it right, there’s no reason why they wouldn’t be extremely popular. Execution is the operative word here!

More importantly, these apps can actually help you solve several problems in the lives of the general populace as well as businesses. So, what are you waiting for? Gear up and get your team ready to create an incredibly viable and practically useful mobile app.


Abhijit Roy

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