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You've Got A Notification!

When is it too much?

By KJ AartilaPublished 25 days ago Updated 25 days ago 3 min read
You've Got A Notification!
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You’ve Got A Notification!

Vocal’s new Notifications feature changes the game little bit. At least for me, it does. It makes me reconsider my strategy for reading people’s work effectively, and for getting people interested in mine.

How so?

I like the notifications. A lot, actually. I love that it inspires engagement and community. It’s a way to make sure I am catching and interacting with comments. I can see who is “Liking” my stories, which brings people to my attention to check into their work, too, and it let’s me see who and what work brings in subscribers. This is, to me, the most important, and it also makes me a bit more thoughtful about to whom I subscribe, and what and how often I publish my own stories, as I also don’t care to give my authentic fans reader fatigue, which would cause them to ignore me, or even unsubscribe. My fear is posting work too often, causing people to lose interest, like when I receive constant emails to my inbox from some random business or material to which I subscribed due to a momentary interest.

But I also fear being forgotten because I don’t post enough. The key is to find a balance - and it’s hardly the same for everyone. So first, I look at myself. How often do I like to read new material from my favorite authors? Multiple times a day, aweek, a month? What do I feel is too much, or when do I wish there was more?

My personal goal is to receive and maintain a fanbase. Not everyone on this platform aspires to the same. My interpretation is just one way to think about it, and how it impacts my personal decisions in achieving my writing goals.

My intention is not the same as your intention; just something to think about.

I appreciate my readers and subscribers. What can I do to hang on to them? How can I best use this feature to keep and grow my audience?


By seeing the person giving a Like to my work, I can view their work in return and find out a little bit about the audience who my work is affecting. I can reach out to them, encouraging engagement and building a relationship. This is great for networking and discovering new writers to read.


Subscriptions are great because when a reader signs up for one, it means my writing made such a lasting impression on a reader, that they are eager to read more. Whenever I publish a piece of work, everyone on the subscriber list is notified, giving them the chance to read it. Like being notified of Likes, viewing new subscribers again offers the ability to do a little research into the audience and gives me the opportunity to engage with the person.

Comments and Replies

This is even better than a like, because I can read how a piece of my writing impacted a reader, providing information which I can use to develop my writing. Replies offer a way to implement interaction between creators and those who appreciate the creations.

The new resources being provided to us by Vocal are exciting for their ability to encourage engagement and build our productivity as writers, but we also must consider each new feature and the best way to implement it to fulfill our goals, which is a unique consideration for every individual’s endeavor.

Thanks for reading! Do you like the Notifications through Vocal? How do you plan to utilize this feature?

Keila Aartila grew up in a small, rural community surrounded by animals and family. She, along with her husband and daughter, horses and other pets, now live on 40 acres in Northern Wisconsin, surrounded by forest and wildlife. She has spent her life reading about, writing about and working with animals, her goal always to be as reliable, trustworthy and honest as a horse, but her innate humaness keeps getting in the way. She remains determined to keep trying, though.


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KJ Aartila

Wife of a very tolerant husband and Mother of one teenage daughter in far northern Wisconsin with too many pets.

You can also find my Author page here

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran22 days ago

    Oh yes, I always worry whether I am posting too much or too little, lol. But no worries, you're doing just fine!

  • Shane Dobbie22 days ago

    I like to subscribe to everyone who engages/comments with my stories, but the downside is the notifications end up being just another list of things I don’t the time for.

  • Thavien Yliaster25 days ago

    Do I read everything from somebody that I'm subscribed to that gets published? No. Case #1, look at Mike. Sure I can make and publish well over ten haikus in a day, but Mike's publishing speed dwarfs mine by sheer leagues. Dude's got content coming out the wazoo. He published a lot of stuff, but I don't read everything he publishes. Why? I'm not always his target audience. Also, reading and proving that You read takes time. Now, I don't read a lot, but when I do I try to make sure that it does count. I like to think that my comments are worth more than me just reading and even dropping a heart sometimes. You are right about figuring out who Your audience is. That is key. So, seeing who hearts, and leaves insightful comments are a big ticket. The danger is trying to make sure that You don't just get stuck in a small circle or always reading other peoples' stuff so that they read Yours. It can be a very negative feedback loop that has a leads to diminishing returns. Yes, develop a community and friendships, but friends will respect You for reading on Your own time and not theirs. That being written, there's a whole lot of writers who's stuff I don't read. I have time allocated elsewhere that's not always going to be for reading. It's not to insult people, it's because I have my own life to live, and I want people to live theirs just as freely as I try to live mine, if not even more liberated. It's fine to not pay attention to every single notification, and to not heart every single work that You do or don't read. You're You. I'd rather You be Your authentic self than feel obligated to do stuff and be someone You're not. Also, don't let anybody ever guilt trip You into reading their stuff. If they have to resort to that, were You ever really interested anyways?

  • Donna Renee25 days ago

    I’m glad you shared your personal goal here! This makes perfect sense to me. My own goals currently are just to write more and to write what makes me happy or what feels authentic. Which means, it is quite random haha. I can see how that could make me lose subscribers too though that may have found me through a specific type of story that was featured, for example! I wonder if there will be a “mute” notifications option at some point.

  • Heather Hubler25 days ago

    I've said it before and I'll happily say it again that you have a real gift with writing articles like these. I appreciate that they're concise without losing your personal voice, informative and always ask for engagement at the end. I agree that how often you publish is key to keeping readers interested and eager. A very fine balance. I'm also loving all the features Vocal keeps rolling out. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Sham gowtham25 days ago

    Yes i got the 🔔

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