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You’ll Become Excited about Paying Your Bills with This Personal Finance Strategy.

Paying bills is not fun, but it can bee

By Cosmin ChildPublished 6 months ago 5 min read
You’ll Become Excited about Paying Your Bills with This Personal Finance Strategy.
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In general, people are very concerned about their bills. That is, after all, how their money leaves their hands. However, their perspective is erroneous. With disgust and a host of other negative feelings, they stare at their bills in disbelief. As a result, they’re always looking for ways to reduce it. Increased bills, on the other hand, are something to be excited about! No? If someone else is footing the bill, how would you feel?

Is it ever a good idea to cut back on your lifestyle?

In real life, your coat isn’t tailored to your exact measurements. Instead, you develop according to the style of coat you prefer. It is neither a good nor a smart idea to discount the quality of life you desire.

Rather than focusing on how to be less, you should focus on how to be more. Don’t worry about being less bad than good; focus on being more of what’s good. The solution is to never alter your way of life.

Occasionally, you’ll hear some high-profile people join the trend of reducing their calorie intake. They also tend to extrapolate from it. That way of thinking carries a great deal of risk. The slope is steep.

Yes, some people indeed need to do more frugal spending. That’s not the case for most people. Because of this, if you think your spending is excessive, the problem may not be with how much you spend, but rather with the focus of your spending.

You aren’t blowing a lot of cash here. You’re wasting money because you aren’t focusing your efforts.

Spending with Purpose

One of my secrets is this. I have a very clear idea of what I want to spend my money on. When it comes to my money, I don’t skimp. The majority of people spend their money on frivolous items with no long-term value. They don’t spend money on things that serve them in the long run.

You could save five figures, according to some, if you cut back on your coffee purchases. However, the truth is that if you didn’t drink your morning coffee, would you be the person you are (producing the current result)?

It’s fine if it doesn’t matter. Coffee, on the other hand, is a worthwhile investment if you need it to get your brain revved up. You don’t need to worry about how to save money on your morning cup of joe. The right question to ask yourself is: “The question is, how can I get someone to pay for my coffee every day?”

Consider everything you’ll need to stay on top of your game and be as productive as possible. Don’t cut back or save money on anything. To sum it all up, put the money where your mouth is. This is a concentrated effort. Then there’s the matter of who’s going to foot the bill.

The plan is to have someone else pay for your mistake.

The higher your bills, the happier you will be if someone else is footing the bill for you. Paying more means you’re living a better life (when your spending is focused). When you have a higher quality of life, you can live out your life’s calling in a more opulent and graceful manner. When someone else is footing the bill, you’re more likely to experience this.

Instead of asking yourself, “Who would pay for me to succeed at this level?” What’s more, there’s a way to discover it. What do you need to do before this? Who stands to gain if I am more efficient in what I do well?

They may not be benefiting now, but they will benefit when you are performing at that level. Now is the time to do this. Identify 12 people (or organizations) who would greatly benefit from you being more productive than you currently are.

If I become super successful, who will become super successful as a result of my success? Who would gain from my expanding my sphere of influence and impact? What is the answer to that?

Then, proceed to the following step.

Self-promotion is the key to success (Or Sell Something)

At your highest level of productivity, you market yourself. In addition, those who stand to gain should be required to foot the bill for the project. This can be done in a variety of ways. You can automate the marketing of an online course that provides a solution to a specific problem. Afterward, you can put it in the back of your mind that it pays for your morning joe.

In just three days, you can go on a three-day vacation and build an asset that will pay for some of your lifestyle expenses. You might be able to sell the system as a service. Make yourself known to companies that are in desperate need of your services. Make every effort to meet with a decision-maker in person. And your life can change dramatically in a matter of hours or even minutes.

People will pay for your lifestyle (no matter how luxurious it is) if you can show them how it will benefit them clearly and concisely.


It’s not about saving money here. It’s not about slashing costs that is the big idea. If your expenses are all over the place, you may need to. For your highly productive way of life to be supported, you must ensure that all of your expenditures are laser-focused and linked together.

If that’s the case, all you have to do is find someone willing to foot the bill so you can maintain your current status. And if you search, you will find. Then there is the option of not accepting no as an answer.

Start saving for your future. Sell your next level of productivity to companies, and they’ll pay for your cost of living. Simple as that. Take some time to play around with it.


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