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Writing Styles

Another Day in the Books

By Tammy hopkinsonPublished 12 months ago 7 min read
Writing Styles
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Everyone writes differently, and your writing defines how you perceive the world and surroundings. Writing; comes naturally to some, and the words flow from their mind onto whatever they are using at that moment. During the writing, you see a book about different topics to write about; to get a start; writing on the sides of the book the thoughts and memories; that your memory will let you remember.

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She starts a journal every year, but; somehow, life gets in the way, and she has a few gaps that she needs to fill in, and she now will have to make something up that happened that day. That is the fun part of it all; making up stories about what she thinks she did that day. She seems to recall information that she writes down in those empty spaces. Many people tell her that they; could not write because they do not have an interesting; life. However, every aspect of your life is; interesting, especially to the people you are around, and gives some meaning to your life.

When you start writing, you find yourself writing about various things you would not write about in your journal entry, blog, book, or anything else. It is overwhelming when you go back and read the words; you have written. Some of it is funny and will laugh your head off. People do not take her seriously when she talks about her journal. If only they knew the things that she writes about in her life. Some people get defensive because they think that you are writing about them. They want to know, so if you are writing; in public, they will look over your shoulder to see if what you are writing about; is true. People have, done this to her when she was writing during a lunch break at a previous job.

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When writing, you should not think about things you cannot control. Free writing is the best key to do and then pick a day to; revisit the things you have written about in your journal, blog, or book. Even after writing over 100,000 words each year, you still have to go through the editing process. Sometimes while editing, it will minimize the result of the word count because you find that many of the items that; you have written about have nothing to do with the book, blog, or anything else that you are writing.

However, when you find the end of the trail, find; that you are creating something personal and from your experiences. The final result will be the book that will become a best seller one of the days. Your life holds interesting; parts and everyone should be able to express those feelings, memories, and anything else that makes their life whole.

Your family is the only one who cares about the outcome of their life. Many people write about their family life and work-life and become best sellers. Some people like to write about reality, which; is something that people seem to like; in this world. You have to be creative in your writing, coming; up with stories that will intrigue your readers to come back for more.

We all experience things at different levels in the world. You also can write about those beautiful meals that you have together as a family. Even with your family members, you can concoct some stories that would probably be best sellers! When you start with a short story that is about 7500 words. It would be beneficial to you to see if your material would be, viewed by anyone by posting the information to the world wide web. She has learned that some people will not like things you write about, but you cannot let that bring you down.

Starting a blog would also be a publication because you are writing articles for your blog and releasing them out into the world through the internet. How you perceive your life is your thoughts and memories. She tries to think about the past and the memories; evade her mind. The memories of when she was a child came flooding back to her mind. Sometimes, those memories blocked by all the bad memories throughout her preteen and teenage life. She remembers certain parts of her life that she could not think of before, but any writer knows one day; she will be able to remember; those memories about her childhood.

Publication through the internet is one more thing that she can cross off her long list of things that she would like to achieve in her life, and some of them are already a success. However, there are more things that she would like to accomplish in the world, and she is working towards achieving those goals. She has already accomplished many things in her life. She is looking forward to writing more throughout her life.

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Your children provide you with numerous stories that they concoct to tell you about something they have watched on television. They also manage to tell you about; things you have no idea about, and they also learn and see more than you would want them to know in this world. Children have some; wild imaginations and speak what is on their minds whether it makes sense to them. Journal entries from long ago throughout your family history date back to the early 1900s, and some of the information you cannot understand is because of the writing they did; back then. Some of the information in the journal; entries revolve because it is about the heritage in her background. Amazingly, you can find some of this information interesting enough to talk about and be happy about her life.

Life can be as interesting; as you can make it, and it all depends on the creative skills you have yourself; to make the story come alive. You know you find fulfillment if you put one letter on each of the lines on a page that requires you to start a new sentence every time you come to the next; line; you have to start; that sentence with the letter you wrote down. She has done this, and the story that she got out of doing this was a little disturbing but; interesting to see how the story will end.

You can even use the letters of each person in your family to develop a story the same way. Like Tammy would have one letter of her name on all 26 lines of the page. Therefore, you would have to start a new sentence for each of the letters of her name! It was interesting; exercise that she did just; out of pure fun during a day off from work in the real world. It was fun, and the children laughed at some of the information in her story.

For Example”:

To people, this would probably be a boring; exercise, and they would probably put it down.

As she enjoys this exercise because it makes her stop and think about the upcoming letter because you know you have to start the line with that letter.

Many people love to write; work out exercises that will stimulate the brain to make a story.

Making time to experience exercises like this will allow you to conjure up some interesting stories or sentences.

Yes, it is; divine what you can write with a starting letter on the first line of the page.

Sometimes when you write, you do not know what to write about, and your mind becomes blank because you have written about so many things jumbled up in your mind. However, there are days that you write all day long and manage to accomplish the things you could not have dreamed of in your writing.

More to come!


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She loves to write and spend time with the family. It has not always been an easy road but, it never is. I hope that you enjoy the articles that I write.

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