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Writing Prompts; What Types are There?

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By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 3 years ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read
Writing Prompts; What Types are There?
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There are many times when I’m stumped about what to write next. And I know that’s normal for writers.

But a while back, I was really struggling to create new stories. So, I looked for outside inspiration.

In the form of prompts.

As I looked through all sorts of prompts and came up with a couple myself, I noticed different prompt styles. I found this fascinating, and I am now telling you about it.

What Are the Prompt Types?

From what I saw, there are four major prompt types: sentence, dialogue, scenario, and item. While I’m sure the names are self-explanatory, I’ll tell you about each type.

Sentence Prompt

These are the ones that give a sentence of a potential story or poem, and you’re supposed to continue the story.

I don’t see this one as much, and I’ve done it twice. And both times were for poems. It was fun, even though poetry isn’t really my thing. But I don’t think I could do the same for a short story.

Dialogue Prompt

These prompts are of two people talking to each other about something. They often drop you into the middle of a potential story, yet I suppose some could be at the beginning.

These are sometimes funny to read. But I have a hard time with this type. It makes me feel like the person who created the dialogue should continue the story.

Scenario Prompt

As probably the most well-known type, these prompts give a basic situation that you have to use to create your story.

While similar to the sentence prompt, the scenario prompt usually goes off the classics, such as saving the world, a chosen one, and two people falling in love.

And I imagine these work great for plotters. They give you a solid idea to outline around. However, I’m more of a pantser and like figuring out certain details of my stories as I write.

Item Prompt

These only require you to include an object in your writing. Your story can be about anything.

This is my favorite one. Many of my short stories are based on having to include at least one item. I don’t feel required to stick with a theme. And it doesn’t have to be something physical either. It can be a breeze, a song, or even something like a kiss.

Which One Is Best?

By Jon Tyson on Unsplash

As for which one is the best, I don’t think there is a superior style. Like with most things in writing, each is good in its own way, although some prompt styles work better with certain writing genres than others.

You can stick to the one you find the easiest to fulfill. At least until you’re ready to challenge yourself.

Where to Find Writing Prompts?

By Marten Newhall on Unsplash

There are plenty of places to find prompts. One of the places I like to visit is Pinterest. The site has loads of them, and Pinterest is an excellent resource for writers.

Books, articles, magazines, sites, apps, and e-newsletters for writers often contain at least one prompt idea and other resources.

Also, as I’m thinking about it, you can combine several prompts to create your story. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sounds cool, and I might have to try it soon, especially if they were different types of prompts and were from various story genres.

Creating Your Own Prompts

You can make your own if none of the prompts you see spark your creative fire.

Since I’m more of an item prompt writer, I try to look for inspiration in what I see and experience. Then, I jot bullet points into my phone since I’m more likely to remember to write them down there.

I am sure you can apply the same technique to the other styles, especially the dialogue prompt. Some of the odd pieces of conversations I’ve overheard in public would make interesting and often funny story openers.

To Wrap Up

Well, I hope this has helped you with the topic of writing prompts. They are greatly helpful when you’re stuck. And you can make one yourself. So, until next time, write on!


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