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Writers. You Need To Become A Bully. 

Be that taunting kid on the school playground saying you're too chicken to climb the monkey bars.

By Barbara KingPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
Writers. You Need To Become A Bully. 
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But respectfully. 

Sometimes as writers we get into a negative mindset where we start telling ourselves that what we're doing is either not enough or just not good enough. 

We talk ourselves down in the worst way and not only does it affect our writing, but our entire lives.

So something needs to change.

When you start feeling doubts in your head try to embody the spirit of a child on the playground who has just been told they can't reach the fifth rung on the monkey bars. 

Then do it.

Every time a negative thought comes into your head flip it around and turn that voice into a taunting bully and then go ahead and prove it wrong.

"You're never going to write a novel." Prove that you will.

"Nobody is going to read anything you write." Prove it wrong.

"You'll never make a living writing." Work hard and prove you will.

Meet negative thoughts with positive action. 

If the voice in your head is telling you that you'll never be able to write a novel, then be that little kid on the playground who gets up on the platform and reaches for the first bar. 

Maybe you will fall. 

But, you'll get back on that platform and try again. This time you make it to the second rung and maybe fall again.

The ground is hard, you are bruised, and the last thing you want to do is try again, but you have to because the bully is still watching. That voice is still in your head. 

But then you'll try a third time, or a fourth, or fifth, as many times as it takes until you reach that fifth bar and prove that taunting bully wrong.

Negative thoughts and fear are sometimes just part of being a writer. You're putting everything you are in front of the world, your mind, your heart, your soul, and standing naked before the crowd as they take in the sight of you bare awaiting your judgment. 

Anything the bully has to say, use this as an opportunity to prove to it that you are better than that voice and that you will prove it wrong.

You'll finish that novel and whether hundreds of people fall in love with it or not it doesn't matter, because you will have written a story that you love and it will take that love and grow into the hearts of others.

No matter what I am proud of all that you accomplish, even if you can't make it to that fifth wrung I'm proud of you for even having the courage to stand on that platform and try, and try again without letting the bully see you give up without a fight. 

Best of luck and keep writing.

With all my love, 

B.K. xo


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Barbara King is a first-time author of the new dark fantasy novel The Dark Gods. King is a recent college graduate from Southern New Hampshire University where she earned her BA in Creative Writing.

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