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Why Writing No Matter What Is Distracting You From Accomplish Good Writing

by Gladys Carmina 8 months ago in how to
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Focus your time and energy on the craft that pays off will help you to keep track of the results regarding your writing business.

Why Writing No Matter What Is Distracting You From Accomplish Good Writing
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Practice makes the master, that is for sure.

Every time you press the “publish bottom” you become a better version of yourself as a writer.

Creating high-quality content in a constant way is the true secret behind living from online writing. However, this is often misunderstood as “keep writing at any matter”.

Keep writing no matter what is the worst habit you can have if you are aspiring to become a wealthy online writer.

Not only because you will feel drained during the first weeks until you develop your writer’s muscle. If such muscle exists.

I experienced it myself.

The more you push yourself to keep writing at any matter, the less input you will be willing to put into the writing craft. Which is the main activity you should be aware of: Writing.

Having as a task: TO WRITE NO MATTER WHAT made my days overwhelming. This is why it is on my list of guru writer’s tips to stop following.

I felt so much pressure and went through a creative block. Instead of writing to engage with my audience and bring them value; accomplishing a task on my TO-DO list was the most important to me.

Here are the reasons why you should get rid of this habit to find the desire and purpose to keep writing and make online writing a profitable business.

Your brain is a muscle and even though it should work out to develop its creative capacity, it should also have rest.

Just as any other muscle, the creative muscle should take a breath and a rest.

This has nothing to do with the biggest question aspiring writers ask themselves: What do I write about this time?

Personally, I haven’t run out of ideas lately but learning to take a rest and stop my writing activities has helped to maintain me in the writing loop.

Indeed, the more you write, the more you write as Nicolas Cole said.

However, I would add:

The more you write, the sooner you learn when to take a pause.

It's like going back to school after the summer break. You find yourself saying: “I want to give it all this time”.

Not saying that you should go off several months but perhaps take a day or two.

Before having a community you first want to produce high-quality content to offer to them.

Building a community online is a combination of these two factors:

  • Consistency
  • High-quality content

Creating a community through your writing is the main purpose of online writing.

Besides earning money, tho.

To write and publish in a consistent way is will create an impact in your community as long as it resonates with them.

This is why you first want to learn how to deliver content that engages your audience without bragging about yourself.

Better to be more worried about producing high-quality content after making a writing routine persuing the keep writing no matter what habit.

You don’t want to write and publish random words in order to have something new to offer to your scarcity audience, in hopes to resonate with them and barely a few others.

If you don’t have anything better than your previous post to say, maybe it is better to STOP writing to concentrate on writing a better piece this time.

Focus your time and energy on the craft that pays off will help you to keep track of the results regarding your writing business.

Developing a writing routine through different habits is an important component of the magic potion.

However, if your main goal is to make money from online writing then you should do exactly that.

Let me explain. If you are going to track your achievements based on the days you missed to write, this is going to be frustrating. The purpose here is to keep writing no matter what.

The real purpose of online writing should be either:

  • To make money from your writing
  • Or to build an audience that engages with your audience

Tracking your achievements in building writing habits will not give you a clue referring to your engagement in order to keep producing content on a determined tag or topic. For example.

Set your priorities and don’t get confused trying to measure the effort you put into your habits with the action of writing high-quality content.

Stop writing. Read your audience and learn what they want to read, then write for them.

We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.’— Epictetus.

Certainly, you don’t need ears to listen to your audience but the principle remains the same.

Your followers don’t want to hear from you if you don’t hear from them.

Writing online on every platform gives the sensation of writing to none in particular but hoping to go viral.

This is the biggest mistake an aspiring writer makes when starting their writing journey because you are not writing thinking on a single kind of person. Instead, you are just throwing words to nowhere. Whoever catches them, you will be pleased.

“Keep writing no matter what” doesn’t give space for getting to know your audience.

Having the pending to accomplish this draining habit takes a mental charge to be aware of other important things such as creating an audience.

Taking a pause from writing to take the time to get to know your audience is the best investment you can do for your online writing business. In this way, you will avoid being writing like a headless chicken: without purpose and direction.

There is an audience that is screaming out loud to you what they want to read from you!

You are just not paying attention because you are more aware of building a writing habit than building your writing business.

Through highlights and comments, they are implicitly telling you what they expect reading from you in your future content.

Followers are not there because they like your pretty face but because they love the way you tell, they love your particular story and your inner voice.

Online writing is not about telling it first but how you tell your story.

Learn how to get to know your audience, write for them and no doubt you will have a successful writing career.

If you can’t afford to take a pause and get to know your audience because it will break your writing routine, you are lost. Chances are your only audience still being your beloved friends.

Final Thoughts: Keep writing no matter what could be your biggest detractor as an aspiring online writer.

If focusing on creating and tracking a writing habit is taking you more time and effort than writing itself, then you should reconsider your priorities.

Writing and publishing high-quality content that resonates with your audience is what you should do instead of being worried about tracking your draining habits.

Learn from me.

When once I was more worried about accomplishing a writing routine I was writing in a less effective way. So far this month I have written two times more and can considerably notice changes in my stats and earnings.

This month I decided to become wild and don’t be attached to the necessity of not missing out on writing a single day. Instead, I just occupy myself of write and deliver impactful content for my audience.

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