Why I Am Pretty Much Unemployable

by Claire Raymond 2 years ago in career

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Why I Am Pretty Much Unemployable

Since the age of around five, I loved to write stories, I mean, what five-year-old doesn't like making up a crazy story and making it as magical as they want? It's fun, and it's great for their imagination.

Since the age of around 17, I have made the majority of my money writing, I had another part-time job in a balloon shop for 11 years, I have only ever had two jobs which I personally think is pretty impressive.

But I can tell you that not everyone is as impressed with my long-term employment and loyalty to my jobs as I am. In fact, quite the opposite, in fact, at 33 years old, to only ever have had two jobs is considered a really bad thing in the world of employment.

I've worked hard my whole life.

I had the job in the balloon shop from age 14 to 25, I started at the very bottom and did all the jobs a 14-year-old normally does, cleaning, hoovering, tidying up, you know, the stuff that nobody else wants to do.

I gradually worked my way up in the ranks, getting to do more important jobs and being let loose with the customers, until I was totally trusted to run the shop by myself on the days nobody else was in.

At that point my duties included customer service, answering calls, taking bookings, handling cash, banking, cashing up, and everything else needed to run a busy shop.

I did this for years, with no problems and my boss was more than happy with my work, but I didn't realize, if I ever wanted to change jobs later in life, it wouldn't be enough.

I still work hard now.

But surely, being self-employed would be enough? Surely me doing every single thing needed to run my own business would count? I have run my own business alongside my shop work since I was 18, I did my own self-employed taxes, I looked after my accounts, my budget, my organizational skills are amazing and I kept a roof over my head so it showed that I worked bloody hard!

This has to count for something, right? Lol, nope! People take one look at my CV and tell me that I just don't have enough work experience. Are you freaking kidding me? Not enough work experience? I have been working since I was 14 years old, and through sixth form I had two jobs, one in the shop and one working for myself, but that's not enough experience.

My wife is super employable, she can get a job in a heartbeat and has never been unemployed for longer than a fortnight! She's a magician with a CV, but not even she can help me with mine. She has made it look as pretty and as appropriate for every job as possible, and every time I think 'That's it, she's done it.' I get asked the same question "Why have you only ever had two jobs?" And my heart sinks and a little bit of my soul and my hope dies. And she tries her hardest, but "It's their loss," doesn't cut it anymore, because it's not their loss, it's mine.

I have been turned down for so many jobs, it has had a major impact on my mental health and confidence, I still make money writing, and I work my a**e off every day. But the fact that nobody wants to employ me has lead to my depression getting much worse. I feel useless and frustrated about 80 percent of every day.

Hire me!

The fact that I have only ever had two jobs is meant to be a good thing, it means not only am I loyal to a company, I also work damned hard in everything that I do, and I didn't get sacked!

I have come to terms with the fact now that I am pretty much unemployable and self-employment beckons for the rest of my life.

How does it work?
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