Why Filipinos are the Best Freelancers?

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Top Reasons to Choose Filipino Freelancers

Why Filipinos are the Best Freelancers?
Filipinos as Best Freelancers

Are you looking for highly-caliber, highly-performing freelancers who can work with you to expand your business beyond? From graphic designing, video editing, supply chain tasks, digital marketing, social media management and up to managing your personal errands. Freelancers nowadays can do almost everything for you! But the question is, where can you get a real-deal?

While we all go back to the “Business Unusual” or the “New Normal” as we call it, we cannot deny the fact that these lock-downs led to massive leap in freelancing world. With the rise of freelance industry, businesses now can easily recruit or hire potential freelancers from all over the world. On the other hand, be careful enough and take sufficient time to spot for your rightful candidate. No matter how much you invest if you pick the wrong one, surely will bring losses to your business.

Here, we will provide you valid reasons why you should hire freelancers from the Philippines. You’ll definitely know why Filipino contractors are remarkable to work with.

1. Filipinos are Proficient in English Language

Philippines is well-known around the globe as one of the English-speaking countries. English has always been one of the official languages in the country, with approximately 85% of the population can speak it very well. English is the classroom language used in all levels of education, whether it’s private or public schools. This is how Filipinos improved their speaking ability in English. Moreover, English is the social and business language in the Philippines. Thus, Filipinos don’t really see English as foreign language. Rather, it is seen as just another local but more important languages like Tagalog, Cebuano, etc. Communicating with Filipino freelancers would not be any issue at all, even if you are a native speaker of English.

2. Quality yet Affordable Freelance Services of Filipinos

Businesses do not need to pay more to Filipino freelancers as compared with the rest of the freelancers from other parts of the world, and yet they can always achieve that high quality of work. It’s the low cost of living in the country that leads to the low labor cost in exchange for quality service from highly skilled and talented Filipino freelancers.

3. Filipino's Strong Work Ethics

Approximately 10.5 million Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) are working in more than 100 different countries, which considered to be one of dominant numbers of overseas workers globally. In whatever countries Filipinos work, they always bring that reputation with them as being outstanding employees and hardworking people with a strong goal of providing decent living for their families. This valuable reputation of Filipino workers can be directly linked to strong Filipino values and work cultures. It’s very clear that Filipinos have forged a unique identity in international market as high performing, and must-have employees.

4. Filipino's Full Understanding of Outsourcing Business

Philippines has always been the top choice for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) all over the world. Among the countries that provide outsourcing services to business owners, the Philippines has always been ranked as one of the best outsourcing countries global wise. This means that most Filipinos already do outsourcing tasks. Even they switch to freelancing, they are already familiar in this kind of work set-up. Filipinos are indeed very flexible on time, to the extent that they work on shifting even if it means working on a graveyard shift, or even holidays. Working as freelancer who serves most of the companies from different time zones will never be an issue, as Filipinos already used to it.

So are you ready to take advantage on hiring Filipino freelancers? It will surely be a wise choice that will bring your company to go beyond, globally. Hire one NOW!

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Daves Dalaguit
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