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Why Blogs Provide the Best Dividends

by People! Just say Something! about a year ago in advice
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The world of passive income is an amazing place to be in. Creating streams of income provides security funds that can later be reinvested to increase your cash flow. In this blog, I want to discuss why blogs provide the best, safest, and most valuable investments for the most valuable currency in the world: Time.

I am in love with passive income. What is there to not like about them? The idea that your investments can provide you with a steady stream of income for the purchase or work you’ve completed is the best exchange of your time and resources. I have spent too many hours working for employers, trading my valuable time in exchange for a set amount of income. Being paid a set wage for your time is equal to putting a price on the time you have left alive. It comes as no surprise that many are on the lookout for methods of earning passive income so that our time can be used for more meaningful activities, like spending time with our family and pursuing our dreams and ambitions.

One way of beginning your passive income journey is by starting to collect dividends from various investments and platforms. The stock market is the most popular option to earn dividends from companies that pay them; however, this comes with a substantial price tag and risks of volatility and uncertainty of what the future holds. What if I told you that there is a much more accessible, cheaper, and completely risk-free method of earning passive income, and all it takes is you to start? I am, of course, talking about blogging and their ‘dividends’ per view.

What are dividends?

When a company makes enough profit to pay for all of its operations and can declare that it cannot spend any more on investments and other functions, it can state that its stockholders will receive a dividend. This means that the leftover profits will be shared out to each investor depending on how many stocks of the company they own. Usually, the dividend yield, the percentage of the dividend pay-out, can range drastically; however, the sweet spot for many dividend investors is anything between 3-5%. In this case, if we bought a stock worth £/$100 with a 4% dividend yield, we would receive £/$4 per year. This can also be split into either annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or monthly dividend payments. Staying with our £/$4 annual dividend, if our stock paid out dividends quarterly, we would receive £/$1 per quarter. The more of the company’s stock you have, the larger your payment. Also, there is always a possibility that a healthy company will increase their dividends as they grow.

On the other hand, a company can also decrease their dividends or even stop them completely. This was seen across the stock market at the start of the pandemic, with cash reserves running low due to the global lockdown to help stop the spread of the virus. Things are a little different for blogging dividends.

The most valuable currency

First, we must understand the importance of currency. The most valuable currency in the world is your time, so what you do with it should be used smartly. We only have a set amount of time on the planet, so it’s always best when your work does not provide a set payment and instead continues to pay all your life. The significant problems with stock investing are timing when to purchase your stock so that you do not overspend and the need of owning money to buy the initial stock and begin receiving dividends. To earn this cash, you first need to work and thus, ‘waste’ time. This is why I prefer to use my time firstly to create work that can provide dividends to later reinvest into the stock market and thus receive even more passive income! This is the power of online passive income streams, and blogging is an exceptional one.

Blogging: My favourite passive income

We all have to understand how lucky we are that we live in the golden age of the internet. Never before have so many opportunities been available for anyone with an internet connection. Blogging is one of the many methods we can begin to use our time to create content that can be viewed thousands of times for the rest of our lives. The only real risks face when creating online passive income streams are a) the platform you are working on goes down or closes its services (which you can then move to another platform), and b) the world wide web is shut down, and we fall into chaos (which the chances of that happening are extremely slim). This is why platforms like Vocal are attracting huge attention from people all over the world. In Vocal’s case, not only can we earn income from the views our blogs get, which cost nothing to make, we can receive tips and enter challenges to earn huge prizes. When a platform creates alternative methods to the traditional earns per view style of dividend, it increases the value of your profile and each blog. Imagine a stock that can gain random bonuses or tips, or if you could enter your stock into a prize draw that can earn you thousands in return? This makes blogging unique in my eyes and why I am putting so much of my valuable time into their making.

The more I write, the more opportunity I give myself for the post to earn that little extra income. It does take dedication, research, and interest in what you are writing, but I believe that everyone has what it needs to begin. We all have a voice, and there is always an audience willing to listen, or in this case, read. I always refer myself to the old saying, “if you make it, they will come”, because this is undoubtedly the case.

Remember, if all else fails, just say something!

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Use the link below and begin your Blogging career today!

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- The People!JSS! Team


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