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Why a Customized Work Shirt is Good For Business?

Tips on having Customized Work Shirt.

By Luke S. AraquilPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Customized Work Shirt

If you have a business that has many workers, it is best to have a customized work shirt for your workers. In this article, I will show you why you should have a customized work shirt for your employees and what are the benefits.

First of all, let me define what is work shirt.

Work shirts or workwear is a piece of garment used by workers to protect themselves from hazardous factors such as chemicals, bacteria, or other things that are harmful to the workers. It is also used by companies to determine what department is an employee from.

There are many types of work shirts depending on the nature of work, here are some of them.

High Visibility

By Maxim Hopman on Unsplash

High Visibility or Hi-Vis is workshirts that have reflective colors, the purpose of this reflective color is that it will help the workers to be identified easily especially during nighttime. They are commonly used in construction sites and the commonly used materials are polyester or fabric mesh.


By Heather Gill on Unsplash

Long-sleeve work shirts are commonly used by farmworkers. They are good especially for those who are always exposed to sunlight because they protect the skin of the worker from the extreme heat of the sun. Common materials used in long-sleeve work shirts are cotton. They use cotton because it is light and very comfortable.


By Caspar Rae on Unsplash

Overalls are workwear that is almost used by any workers that require them to be messy. Workers like farmworkers, mechanics, seamen, construction workers, or any profession that involves dirty work. Overalls not only protect your body but also protects the clothes underneath it. Overalls may sometimes have high-visibility work shirt features as well. They are usually made of tough cotton, denim, or linen.

Is customizing a work shirt worth it?

In the first place, work shirts are a good investment because they protect the workers from any harm like some thorns, debris, chemicals, weather, etc. I will list what are the benefits of customizing work shirts.

Brand Recognition

Customized work shirts can also be used as a free advertisement for your company, you can print the information of your company inside the work shirt. Information such as company name, service offered, contact number, company logo, and location are vital keys to advertise your company. I would recommend putting the company information on the back of the work shirt and put the logo on the front. Also, custom work shirts can be used to develop your brand recognition. Each time a customer sees your logo, you are actually influencing them on their mind. The more customers or clients see your company information, the more likely it is to keep them remembering your brand.

Can be used as rewards

Work shirt with a logo helps customers identify employees of your business. It also gives employees pride in wearing one, you can also give your employees a custom work shirt for recognition of their service to your company. Custom work shirts with the company's logo can be used as freebies for your customers. These rewards can be given during anniversaries or sales.


The main reason for custom work shirts is to be visible. Customized work shirts can increase visibility especially if your company is involved in services or a store. With a customized work shirt, customers can easily identify who they can ask for the services you provide.

Now you know what types of work shirts you need and what are their benefits, let's now discuss where you can find them online.

This store is one the best online store for customizing work shirts, especially in Australia. This online store customizes work shirts that are inexpensive but are high-quality brands such as AS Colour, Biz Collection, and JB's wear. They also have a feature that you can have new work shirts every 4,6,8,10 weeks. This feature is very good especially if your business is big and has a lot of new employees every week.

This shop is good for any promotional items and they also customize work shirts. They customize well-known brands such as Carhart, Dickies, Hanes, Columbia, Red Kap, etc. The best thing about this store is that you can choose different templates for designing your work shirt.


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