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Who is Mohsen Motamedian? Max Motamedian CEO of Bashari Inc USA

Max Motamedian - One of the most popular real estate business tycoons in California is Mohsen Motamedian. He is the founder and CEO of Bashari LLC, which was founded in the year 2008.

By Angel DiptiPublished about a year ago 3 min read

One of the most popular real estate business tycoons in California is Mohsen Motamedian. He is the founder and CEO of Bashari LLC, which was founded in the year 2008. The company majorly has its operations in the United States, but there are also clients in France, Dubai, Panama, and other parts of the world who seeks services from Bashari LLC mainly because of Max Motamedian. The sole person behind the success of Bashari LLC is Max Motamedian. He is involved in sales, purchase, operations, management, and other important aspects of the business.

Early Life of Max Motamedian

Mohsen Motamedian was born in California, the United States, and most of his life was spent here. For his schooling, Mohsen Motamedian went to State School in California, and he later enrolled in a university in California. He graduated in electronics and received a Bachelor of Science degree from the university. When he was in school, he used to participate in athletics and other such competition. Because of such competitions, Max Motamedian got many awards and medals. Max Motamedian was interested in electronics when he was in college, but his interest changed over time. During college itself, the opportunities in the world of real estate started attracting Max Motamedian. This was also when he decided to follow his interest and make a career in real estate.

Travel, Business & Passion

Max Motamedian has been very keen about investing his money. So, he is constantly exploring new opportunities to invest his money. His investment portfolio doesn't only contain real estate, but it is certainly a significant part of it. Besides real estate, Mohsen Motamedian is also invested in healthcare, including dermatology and anti-aging medicine. He attends conferences related to medical services, and he also has a significant investment in the sector. Max Motamedian is also interested in digital marketing, so don't be surprised if you come across him in any such seminars.

The nature of business gives a lot of travel opportunities to Max Motamedian. He always enjoys travel, and this allows him to build a network. All these skills have helped him get clients from Dubai, France, and Panama. There are many other countries of operation for Bashari Inc. With a total experience of 14 years, Max Motamedian has all the expertise required to be successful in his field. He often takes his family on a business tour so that he can spend time with his family while he is working. While Max Motamedian is always looking for an opportunity to invest, he also ensures he doesn't miss a good spot for hiking or skiing. These are two sports he loves.

By now, you have learned a lot about Max Motamedian, and this would have given you a fair idea about his lifestyle, business, and passions. One thing that we missed mentioning earlier was that Mohsen Motamedian is also very interested in photography. This interest has been there since school time. He took many photography assignments when he was in school.

Services Offered by Max Motamedian

You can avail of services from Bashari Inc as this organization serves individuals and corporate clients. Mohsen Motamedian is closely involved with the operations, so he ensures that he gives personal attention to each client. Apart from this, you can seek consultation or advisor services regarding your real estate investment, and he will certainly be more than happy to help you. Max Motamedian also offers insights and guides for upcoming entrepreneurs who are interested in real estate. He provides them guidance around this industry so that they can make a successful career out of it. You will also find Max Motamedian in seminars and presentations around real estate. You can attend these seminars to look at things from his viewpoint.


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