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Who is a REALTOR®

by ZachBiro.Realtor 7 months ago in advice
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Getting to know the people behind your biggest life decision.

Who is a REALTOR®
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out this post - I have something I need to talk to you all about.

My name is Zach Biro and I work with Homelife Advantage Realty here in beautiful Chilliwack, B.C. nestled in the picturesque Fraser Valley. When people think of others' careers or jobs, they think of something they do as a means to feed their family and to put a roof over their heads. Perhaps they even attribute someone's livelihood to a sort of hobby or passion as well. For some odd reason, I find that there are people out there who don't quite understand what being in Real Estate means for those who do it. Now it is true - I can NOT speak for everyone and people's values vary; however, I definitely speak for myself here. This career path is one I have chosen for a multitude of reasons. When somebody approaches me and tells me I am damaging the economy or am contributing to a bigger problem, believe it or not, we are just human and we DO get affected, whether you see it or not. We are agents. Our job is to help our clients do what's best for them. Each and every client is a new scenario, and a new opportunity to help.

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I have a family and goals and dreams just the same as you do. We don't all come from solid or wealthy backgrounds, we don't all get here the same way, and we don't all endure the same lives as one another. Through this diversity, we still end up being people who take the call when someone needs to move or create a new life. I am here for YOU. Does it feed my family? Yes. Does it help me be able to afford my own home for my family? Yes. Can I also help you achieve your goals while doing this? Yes. The biggest point I would like to make here is that I am just a person who is also a dad and a husband trying my best to create a life my family and I can be proud of. Please be kind.


A Realtor can be many things. Fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, friends, co-workers, support systems, and someone's child. I was out marketing the other day and I was approached by someone who said this:

We have been telling you guys to go away for the past couple weeks. You are the biggest problem when it comes to what has happened in our town lately. Why can't you just not sell people's homes to developers and out-of-town investors and keep things the same?

There are some things we need to clear up here. It is unfortunate this is an image some people may have about my profession. I have worked many different jobs in my life and have experienced a lot, all while working my way up from nothing at all (except a loving family). I believe I get a bit of flexibility when it comes to understanding points of view. These kinds of comments are the ones that I believe are simply misinformed. It is absolutely ok to have this point of view, because how else would you understand every piece of the puzzle if you weren't actively involved? It's totally ok. I would love an opportunity to educate you though a bit 😊

Real Estate Agents are just that. AGENTS. There are very specific allowances for what we can and can not do on behalf of our clients. We can always advise and direct on what may be the best solutions for our clients based on THEIR wants and desires, but it is ultimately them who directs us. Think of a Realtor as the pen to the paper, and the client is the hand. We are the instrument to make something seen and done, but there is a driving force behind us making it all possible. Now - I have grown up and lived in the same neighbourhood my entire life. I raise my own family there now and have seen it change this whole time. Change is unfortunately inevitable. If you live in the same place long enough you are bound to see the developments and changes that take place.

By Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Think of this for a moment: An 80-year old kind and gentle senior has lived in a place their whole life. They bought their home back when it was barely $50,000. They have watched their kids grow up in that house and then their grandkids come over to play in their yard. Eventually, it is time for this chapter to close and they need to move forward into possibly some sort of care or else need to create something new for the final quarter. They will call around, check the papers, and connect with someone like myself who gets along well with them and understands their position. This nice person who is just the start of a long line of generations now needs to move on. When I explain to them what is happening in the current market, they are shocked to know what their home is now worth. I ALWAYS make sure to explain to them the different options they have available and ensure they understand they are the ones with a choice. After all, this is their home - not mine. We prepare the home using my knowledge and expertise and then we list it for fair market value based on current market conditions. Suddenly, they are approached with several offers to buy their home. When we review them, some are under what they asked, some are over, and some have lengthy conditions. NOW. What would YOU do in this situation? It is possible giving the home to someone who wants it as a home is your TOP priority. PLEASE believe me when I say we will get that done then. Some of you may think "I am on my way out of the neighbourhood. I had a great run, but now it is time to move on. I am not as able as I once was and I have many years to go. I need the most I can get for this property to feel secure, safe, and cared for." This is what our goal becomes then. I am going to make sure after everything is said and done you have the peace of mind you deserve after everything you have contributed to in this wonderful life.


Of course, this situation could vary with any number of people, any age group, and any demographic. The point is that it is not up to ME what happens with your home and livelihood. This is yours after all, not mine. My job is simply to inform, educate, and help you while you navigate the craziness that is ANY real estate market.

I am the pen to the paper. The client is the writer. Together we change their story to a good ending.

By Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I have always been in awe of this profession. I simply love people. I love celebrating with people. I love sharing my wins and my losses with people of all kinds! This is what DRIVES me to be who I am and what makes me the Realtor I am. I am a Realtor built for you. I am someone who wants to see you succeed. I have seen TONS of struggle in my own life - I am only human after all. If I have an opportunity to help you with success, then I am so excited to meet you and get that done with you. This has never been a rat race for me. This has never been a journey to becoming the next billionaire. This is simply where I belong. Through all my experiences it makes sense that I end up with people. That's all I have EVER cared about. This for me has been a way to provide love and laughter to my family, as well as my clients. This has been a way to put food on the table. This has been a way to create a home for my own family while meeting all sorts of cool and interesting folks out there looking for theirs. This has been a way I can feel great about myself every morning I wake up. Being a REALTOR® is what makes me who I am. I am proud. I am happy. I am excited to meet you.

I want that for you.


About the author


My name is Zach. A Realtor made for you.

I grew up in the beautiful Fraser Valley in BC and I have always been proud to live where I do. We are surrounded by wonderful people & adventures to uncover. Family man at heart - let's get you home!

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