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Where to Get the Best Car Magnets online in Canada?

by shirin habibzadeh 5 months ago in business
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Are you looking for real estate car magnets in Canada? This story is for you.

Real Estate Car Magnets

If you are active in the real estate business, you could promote while driving around. As you drive to house showings and events, real estate car magnets could introduce your professional business. Those real estate agents and brokers who have placed these on their vehicles have expressed their satisfaction with the results. But as a printed marketing tool, wherefrom can we order car magnets? What points should we consider before ordering? And many more questions come to our minds, for which we can find the answers here. But to bring an example, we can refer to Agent Print. Using their website, we can point to some of the features. Later, we may look for the same qualities in other online printing services, as well.

Car Magnets; Everything You Need to Know

These real estate marketing tools come on the flat surface of your vehicle. You could stop at the traffic light or stop your car on the streets. No matter where your vehicle is, it turns into a marketing tool for your business. Just choose a flat surface and check its size. Usually, there are multiple sizes offered to match the surface space for better attachment on your car. They are, in a way, mobile real estate business cards that do not need direct handing out to customers and clients. You do not need to have small chats with all of these new prospects as they will take your contact information off of your vehicle as you pass.

Real Estate High Gloss Business Cards

How would I order Online?

The first step on most steps with multiple products is to find the item you want. You could search for that item in the search bar and see the results in an instant. The other way is to check all the products of a company and choose your item from there. On our example website, car magnets come under the list of marketing tools such as brochures and door hangers. The next step is to choose the options. For example, you could set the quantity and size of your final order. In the end, you can see all the products that you want in your shopping cart. Then, you can proceed to check out. After that, wait for your delivery after the production turnaround timing has passed.

What Options Are Available When Offering Car Magnets Online?

The options for car magnets are not many. The reason for that is the set standards and materials that most printing companies apply in their works. The first option you have depends on the surface of your vehicle. Find a flat surface, usually on its sides, then measure it carefully. Then check for the size options each website offers to find a match. Most websites offer multiple sizes to be suitable for most vehicles. These car magnets are one-sided. Each set usually includes two pieces for each side of your car. Then, set the quantity for your order. Upload your design for these products. In the end, you can finalize your order. In the case of the material, it should be fade-resistant. Also, these products' placement makes them be in contact with the wind. Therefore, they should be wind-tested to not to change shape and lift off the surface.

What if I Do Not Have a Design Ready for Car Magnets?

The answer lies within each website. Some professional ones like Agent Print, back to our example, offer different ways to create a design. Obviously, on these websites, you could upload your design file if you have one. But if you do not, then you can create one online using the tools of the website. These tools are easy enough for most people to make a design. That is if you put some time into it. Even if you do not want to do so, you can hire a professional designer. You can even upload some reference pictures and logos for inspiration. The final design has all the necessary information about you and your business to keep in touch with your future clients.

When Will My Orders Be Ready?

The speed of production at real estate printing companies depends on a lot of things. If a business is booming, it may be busier. Still, responsible companies will try to keep the production time to the possible minimum timing. For example, Agent Print has set a 2 to 4 workday production turnaround timing for car magnets mostly. The timing is fast enough for most events and orders. But if a website is not setting a date for your production, then forget about them. There are reliable and hardworking printing services from which to order. Usually, a week's production turnaround timing is still fast enough in the printing world. This timing depends a lot on the workload of these companies. So, sometimes even if it takes a little longer for some companies, they may still be worth it.

Which Online Printing Services to Trust?

A credible business has a good reputation. If you ask a reliable company's clients, they will honestly give positive reviews. So, this remains to be the best way to make sure of the reliability of a business. What if I do not have access to their clients? If a real estate printing supplier is big enough, they will name their best customers somewhere on the website. For example, on Agent Print, there is a part where their clients can go to the items they usually order simply. There are credible names here, such as Right at Home, Zoocasa, Sutton, and many more. This list can also help us. Checking out the companies of these clients will show who already trusts them. Then, the act of trusting them gets simpler.

Where should I get my printed car magnets?

Somewhere that …:

  • Sets real and quick turnaround production timing
  • Has reliable clients
  • Offers easy steps in placing orders
  • Offers designing options


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