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Where to Buy the Best Presentation Folders Online in Canada?

Are you looking for real estate presentation folders? This story is for you.

By shirin habibzadehPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
Real Estate Presentation Folders

Those businesses who are active in the real estate world know the value of marketing.. A professional business considers every little detail. Usually, these companies are the winners when it comes to attracting prospects. Real estate commercial signs and real estate roll-up banners do their fair share when it comes to reaching out to prospective buyers.. But what other marketing tools are there for a real estate business? And, most importantly, wherefrom can we get these other marketing tools? Agent Print is one of the places that offer good quality printing services. There are indeed many other real estate printing companies, as well. But if we want to know the features of a good online printing company, we can bring some examples first. Then we can look for the same qualities in other printing services to supply our real estate presentation folders.

Presentation Folders, One of the Best Marketing Tools

Look more professional all the time. Handing out the information of a listing to your clients or giving them major papers to sign can be more professional. Using the folders that have your information on will add to your credibility. So, these are the reasons why more and more businesses are paying attention to their work equipment. You could have your logo and contact information on each of these folders.

Real Estate Roll-Up Banner

What Is the Best Material Used to Make Presentation Folders?

To know the answer to this question, we can check credible printing companies. We can see what their material of choice is when making presentation folders. This way, we can make sure from wherever we are ordering that the material is high quality and suitable. What Agent Print, as an example, has to offer is Gloss Cover. The thickness of the paper seems good, being 14 pt. As folders, we constantly hand them out, and they need to be thick enough not to get crumpled. The gloss feature will make the cover feel soft under fingers. Plus, a glossy surface will reflect light, and the paper will not show the fingerprint. It will be resistant to tears and scratches. Here, we can see double 3 inch pockets on the folders. Those pockets turn these folders into useful things to carry around. You could place business cards and papers there safely.

A User-friendly Website

If the website is not user-friendly, then why bother to shop online? The first factor that attracts users is the website of online businesses. It should be easy to maneuver and understand. Sometimes, we get confused as to where are all the products and where is all the information? While some websites are full of unimportant and unorganized information, some look empty. A professional business has a professional website. Our example’s website has different categories to look for the items customers want. The layout seems clear, and everyone can understand it very simply and in no time. If you are looking for presentation folders, then there are multiple ways to find them. First, you could open the shop sorted by products. Then you can find these folders under marketing tools next to other print products such as postcards, brochures, etc. Or you could look for the name of the different work associates who supply their printing needs here. This feature could come in handy if you are also a regular customer. The last and easiest way is to search for presentation folders and see the results come up in no time.

How Can I Finalize My Order?

A user-friendly website allows you to have an easy purchase process, too. Usually, there should be a shopping cart on every online shop that shows the total sum for each product. In the case of Agent Print, the list is on the right end part of each of the items. There you can see all the options and information for presentation folders. Of course, if you are on the page of these items. Also, you can choose the amount of each of these products. For presentation folders, the order starts from stocks of 250 to 10000. The latter is suitable for more crowded events and companies. So, anybody could order them based on their needs.

What is Outside UV Gloss?

To give papers extra shine and features, they usually add some coatings to them. UV gloss coating makes the material softer under the touch. Also, the fingerprints will not remain on the product, and the quality of the product enhances by applying this extra layer. So, wherever you have on your mind for ordering, remember to look for the same options for better quality.

The Turnaround Timing

Usually, a 7-day turnaround timing sounds reasonable and fast in the printing world. Especially for major orders, this is a great offer. But timings longer than this might make you frustrated and tired. Back to our example, Agent Print, they promise a 5-7 workday turnaround. Also, they give a view of the calendar for easier timing. This way, you can expect your orders to arrive at the sight of your events or a day earlier as you wish. Check out the websites of the real estate printing services. They may be offering small details that will make your order more pleasant.

Can I Have My Design?

On most websites, yes. If you already have a design you want on your presentation folders, then you could upload it. Some websites, such as the one mentioned, allow you to hire a professional designer, as well. They will create a design with all the information that you want on your folders. Also, they offer an online designing tool. Using these tools, you could make your design. These tools look easier to navigate, and the process seems easy enough. Again, this is something that you could look for on every professional website. Most would offer something like this for easier ordering.

How Can I Trust Any Online Services?

It may sound hard at first. But with successful experiences, the process will show its advantages. But how would we know if a company is reputable and credible? Some websites give you a list of their business associates. These could be the companies that supply their printing needs using their company. As an instance again, on Agent Print, the list of these work associates is there for everybody to see. If big companies such as Remax, Royal LePage, and Century 21 have trusted a company, then so can we. Look for the same feature on other websites. If they, too, offer you a list, then most probably they are credible, as well.

What to Look for in Printing Companies?

- High-quality materials

- A user-friendly website

- An easy purchase process

- Different coatings such as gloss cover

- Faster turnaround timing

- Easier designing

- Credibility


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