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Where Should You Invest in Bangalore in 2023?

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By Lucia adamsPublished 2 years ago 3 min read

Have you thought about moving to Bangalore? Or do you want to know where to put your money in Bangalore? If YES, you've reached the right place to discover the best way to invest in the top real estate in Bangalore.

Bangalore is one of the cities with the most rapid growth in the world. It is regarded as the third most populous city in India and is home to some of the biggest companies in the world, like Infosys, Wipro, and Flipkart. Bangalore is also the capital of Karnataka and its largest city. This city is known as the IT hub of India because many IT start-ups and multinational companies have their headquarters there.

People know Bangalore for its modern way of life and its great social infrastructure. The weather is another thing that makes people want to visit Bangalore. Because of these things, Bangalore has become a top destination for IT professionals and a place where people want to invest. This is why the real estate market in Bangalore has been growing steadily over the last ten years.

Also, Purva Atmosphere, The Watergrove, Provident Park Square, and many other projects that offer modern living are coming soon to the city. One of the ideal things about investing in real estate in Bangalore is that there are a lot of jobs available, and the weather is nice. The requirement for real estate in this city has gone up because there are more global companies, and the infrastructure is getting better.

Today, we're going to look at Bangalore's best places to invest, which are in its new neighbourhoods.

The Top Five New Places to Invest in Bangalore

There are a lot of multinational companies in the city that employ tens of thousands of people. This makes the need for real estate even higher. And since there are so many places to buy property in Bangalore, it might not be simple to choose where to invest.

Here are five new areas that can help you make an informed choice about where to invest in Bangalore real estate.


Hebbal is one of the top Bangalore areas for real estate investment. North Bangalore's Nagavara Lake is nearby.

Hebbal has luxury apartments in Bangalore and lows to mid-rise apartment buildings. Eastern Shopping Mall, International Tech Park, and other tech parks have boosted regional employment. It's one of Bangalore's best places to invest. Bellary Road, ORR (NH 44), and Hebbal Flyover connect Hebbal to the city.


Hennur is a well-known area in Bangalore that is right next to the outer ring road. It has different kinds of places to live, such as high-end apartments, mid-rise buildings, and villas.

People often regard this as one of the most famous places in Bangalore. Bangalore is a beautiful place to invest because it has places like the Bangalore Palace, the Hennur Biodiversity Lake, a bamboo forest, and many lakes. The transportation options are good, and they make it easier to get to all of Bangalore's main areas. There is also good urban planning and infrastructure. Hennur is a great place to live in a city because it has many places for health care, education, and fun.

Electronic City

Not sure where to put your money to good use in Bangalore? People looking for cheap housing are drawn to Electronic City because it has a lot of places to work, learn, and have fun.

The villages of Konappana Agrahara and Doddathogur make up about 800 acres of Electronic City. It is one of the most crucial places for technology in Bangalore.

The Electronic City Elevated Expressway has made it much easier to get from Electronic City to the rest of the city. It is now connected to Hosur Road, the NICE Ring Road, the Electronic City Flyover, and the Heelalige Railway Station.


Whitefield is East Bangalore's residential and commercial hub. Inorbit Mall, Phoenix Marketcity, and IT parks are close.

The DivyaSree Republic of Whitefield and Prestige Lakeside Habitat are Whitefield residential projects in Bangalore.

Whitefield Main Road, SH-35, Old Airport Road, and Whitefield Railway Station connect it to the city. Its connectivity makes it a top Bangalore investment spot.


Yelahanka has a great physical and social infrastructure and is located 14 km from downtown Bangalore.

Yelahanka offers apartments and villas. Yelahanka is bordered by luxury residential projects in Bangalore. Purva Venezia, Unitech Heritage Estate, Godrej Avenues, NCC Urban Nagarjuna Aster Park. It's accessible by NH-44 (Bellary Road), Doddaballapur Road, and Yelahanka Road.

IT professionals should consider moving to Bangalore. This city has homes for all budgets and needs.


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