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When Should You Replace Your Cabin Air Filter?

A clogged cabin filter might be the source of an annoying smell, restricted airflow, or noise coming from the HVAC system. Find a garage in Reading and get this fixed by a local mechanic to avoid further costly issues.

By Car Services in ReadingPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

The cabin air filter is commonly disregarded when it comes to normal vehicle maintenance. Many drivers are completely ignorant of its presence. Any qualified technician, on the other hand, will tell you how critical it is for filtering impurities from the air that enters a vehicle's interior. Many drivers fail to replace it year after year because they are ignorant of the need.

What are the benefits of using a cabin air filter?

The major function of this air filter is to monitor and cleanse the air that enters the cabin. In the air that flows through a vehicle's HVAC system, various particles such as fumes, dust, mould spores, and pollen may be present. This filter removes these harmful compounds from the air inside your car, allowing you to breathe better air. Larger particles can also be filtered away, such as garbage and leaves.

Find a garage in Reading and schedule your car in with a mechanic to get the cabin filter replaced, as per the manufacturer's instructions.

If you have allergies and live in an area with a lot of trees, a functional filter can make it simpler to breathe by preventing pollen and spores from entering the car. It not only improves air quality, but it also enhances the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

The filter can be located beneath the dashboard or below the glove box in most automobiles made after 2000. Most automobiles have only one filter, while certain high-end vehicles may have two or more.

Check MOT status of your car and aim to complete both the MOT and your scheduled service at the same time. The reason for this is that if any problems occur, the garage will be able to repair or replace the affected parts as well as service your vehicle. This will undoubtedly save you both time and money.

When looking for a car service near me garage, book with the one who carries out MOT, service and repair work. This will not only save you time but also money.

When Should Your Cabin Air Filter Be Replaced?

Many people drive their automobiles for 90,000 miles without changing the filter, which is obviously harmful to the passengers.

Consult the owner's manual to be assured about the proper replacement time. Otherwise, you'll have to change it within a range of 15,000 to 30,000 miles. An metropolitan area's air quality is likely to be poor due to pollution and heavy traffic. Driving in such areas may necessitate changing the filter at least once a year, if not more frequently. This is especially true if you're travelling in a region where the air quality is bad.

As mentioned earlier, check MOT history of your vehicle and try to have your MOT and regular servicing done at the same time. This is because, if any issues arise, the garage will be able to fix or replace the afflicted parts as well as service your car. You will surely save both time and money by doing so.

How do you know when it's time to replace the cabin air filter?

Persistent bad odours, limited ventilation, and noise from the HVAC systems are just a few of the danger signs.

Even if you don't notice any of these signs, check the cabin air filter at least once a year. Unclean air enters the cabin as a result of negligence, requiring the HVAC systems to work harder than they need to. This might lead to expensive repairs, such as a burned-out A/C or temperature control system motor.

The cabin air filter is not difficult to replace. However, in certain vehicles, the glove box may need to be removed. Many clips and pins hold the filter together, and if handled incorrectly, they may break.


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