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what members expect from your coworking space

As we get closer to normalcy in your coworking space, let's take a moment to refocus on your members—and what they want.

By Munnazir ZarinPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Coworking space in Islamabad

As a long-time member of several coworking spaces, I have some thoughts.

Not all members are coworking ambassadors like me, not all members value community and connection as much as I do, and not all members are joiners like me.

But there are many areas where we disagree.

Here are some of the things members want from your coworking space as you prepare for the workspace wave.

Bathroom facilities:

Soap, paper towels, tampons, and pads are all provided. Take things a step further by providing facial spray, mints, hair ties, dry shampoo, lotion, and so on. Is this going too far? It's a brilliant way to stand out, serve members, and impress visitors.


No one wants to circle for a parking spot, feed a meter, or move their car every two hours. If you don't have easy parking, do everything you can to provide members with solutions, education, and resources. Is there free parking three blocks away, for example? Keep it in the forefront of everyone's mind at all times. Can parking cards be purchased in bulk? Offer to sell them to members in your area to save them a trip to the parking garage.

Professional-yet-human atmosphere:

Your members will be spending a lot of time in your space. Set a professional...but also human tone. The goal is to create a space that people look forward to visiting every day.

No-hassle printing: I understand that printers can be a pain. And when they're broken, they're the bane of your existence. Not to mention updates, drivers, and maintenance. There are an increasing number of options for simple, no-fuss printing. Find one that suits you.

Mail services:

Offering full mail services to your members is a strong differentiator and a good way to help them level up with a business address, mail collection and delivery, package acceptance, mail scanning, and other services. our partner, comes highly recommended. Inform them that I sent you.

Non-alcoholic beverages:

Some of your group is sober. We enjoy sparkling water, but we appreciate it even more when you go above and beyond Pellegrino.

Quick ways to connect:

Not everyone can attend a happy hour, party, or networking event after work. Create simple, lightweight methods for people to meet and connect.

Growth and evolution support:

One of coworking's hidden strengths is that, when done well, it creates a professional ecosystem and environment for members to grow and evolve—their businesses, their professional lives, and their personal lives. It's a lofty goal, but coworking has the potential to improve our lives on all levels. Make every effort to assist your members in achieving this vision.


Things happen in life. Every time. Soccer games, doctor appointments, sick days, weddings, car repairs, and mid-afternoon hikes are all on the agenda. Work from home and remote work trends revolve around flexibility. For some of us, the most appealing aspect of coworking is its flexibility. Make certain that your space contributes to a flexible lifestyle in both small and large ways.


People seek meaning in their lives and at work. No one wants to feel adrift in their life, tethered to a job that does nothing more than pay the bills. Coworking is an excellent way to bring more meaning and purpose to your work. Most coworking spaces are full of people who are designing their own lives, getting to know their best selves, and finding meaning in their days. This should be communicated through your messaging, community, and self.


I've saved the best for last. Most of your members want community, whether they realise it or not. We're wired for communication. Yes, your members require fast, dependable WiFi and ergonomically correct chairs, but they can get these elsewhere, including at home. What they can't find anywhere else is the community of coworking's mutually supportive, generous, smart and savvy entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners, and remote workers. A strong community is an intangible that money and data cannot buy. It is, however, the heart and soul of your work. Proceed as necessary.


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