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What is Quora?

by Indra Jeet 10 months ago in social media

Benefits of Quora and How to make money from Quora?

Today we are going to tell you about one such application, whose name is Quora, where you can find answers to all your questions which you do not find anywhere else.

This website is so big that you will get straightforward answers to every topic and all kinds of questions. So, for your information, let us know that this website is the world's number one question and answer website.

Friends, we are talking about Friends, what Quora is, how to create your account on Quora, and earn money from Quora today. We are going to tell you about it. Let's know in detail.

If you also have a lot of information and knowledge and want to share it with people, today we will tell you how you can also share your knowledge with others and take their learning.

As you know, the number of Internet users in India is increasing continuously.

So now you do not have to go anywhere to gain knowledge. Nowadays, all the online people are getting all kinds of information.

There are many websites and applications on the Internet with the help of which we can easily find answers to any of our questions.

What is Quora?

Quora is a question and answer website where any person can ask any question and answer any question according to their experience.

On this website, you will get straightforward answers to all kinds of questions because the number of people using it is very large. Moreover, this website is accessed from all over the world.

Quora was founded in 2009 by Adam D'Angelo, Charlie Cheever, and today it has become the most used website in the world.

Today on Quora, anyone can ask any question in their minds and quickly find answers to different types of questions.

Currently, Quora has over 100 million users a month, which is a considerable number.

Apart from this, all the bloggers worldwide are bringing good traffic to their websites by answering questions on Quora. Due to this, their earnings are also getting better.

Benefits of Quora Website

The most significant advantage of this website is that the events happening here worldwide are asked in the form of questions, due to which this website also gives you the job as a news website.

Apart from this, you can ask any question going on in your mind on this website, and you get its answer as soon as possible because more than 100 million people are registered on this website.

Therefore, you can get an idea of ​​how popular this website is all over the world. Apart from this, there are pretty highly educated people on Quora due to which you can earn knowledge in different subjects from them.

On this website, all the people from retired IAS to IPS police engineers are connected.

All the bloggers in the world have an account on Cora because Quora is a great medium to create backlinks and bring traffic to their website because there are over 100 Million people on Cora.

That's why all bloggers keep answering questions on Quora and, in the end, leave a link to their website so that when a person likes their answer, then that person also visits their website.

By doing this, visitors to their website increase, and they also earn more from Google Adsense.

Apart from this, the Quora website has recently launched a Quora Partner Program program in which you can earn unlimited money by asking questions. If you know about it, then we tell you about it, let's know.

What is Quora Partner Program?

If you join the Quora Partner Program, then you can earn unlimited money by asking questions.

Cora invites Quora's select users to join the Quora Partner Program on its behalf.

The purpose of Quora behind this is that the best questions are asked on their website, and when people join the program and ask good questions, then Quora gives them money on their number of answers and views of the questions.

The Quora Partner Program was launched in the English language in April this year, and a few months later, it has also been found in the Hindi language. Apart from this, Quora has prepared to launch it in other languages ​​of the world soon.

How to make money with Quora Partner Program?

If you get an invitation from Quora to join the Quora Partner Program once and if you accept it

Then after asking you the question, Quora gives you money based on the number of views, Upvote that came on your question. This money is provided to you in dollars which are later converted to rupees and come into your Paypal account.

- To get Mail from Quora in the Quora Partner Program, the following qualifications are required.

1. To join the Quora Partner Program, you ask questions that are useful to everyone and attract people to your side.

2. More and more people should read the answer given by you on a question and comment on it.

3. There should be no inaccuracy in asking and answering your questions.

4. Never use vulgar words in your answers, nor use vulgar questions.

How to get payment from Quora Partner Program?

When you have $ 10 in your Quora Partner Program account, an email comes from Quora asking you to add your PayPal account to your account.

When you connect your PayPal account, your money is sent to your PayPal account on the first Monday of every month.

After this, you can transfer your money from your Paypal account to your Bank Account.

Monetization from Quora Partner Program

As Quora has stated in its Partner Program, you can earn unlimited money by joining this Partner Program and asking questions.

Many people on Quora are earning more than 100,000 rupees a month by joining this Partner Program. So if you are a part of this Partner Program, you have a perfect chance of earning by asking questions.

How to create your account on the Quora website?

If you want to earn knowledge by creating your account on the Quora website or making money from Quora Partner Program, you must first register your account on this website.

To create your account on it, you can log in directly from your Google account or Facebook account. Apart from this, if you want to register yourself with an Email Account, follow the below steps.

First, go to the registration page of the Quora website and click on the option with Signup with Email. This will open a page in front of you.

First Name: Here, you enter the first letter of your name.

Last Name: Here, you enter your surname or surname.

Email: Here, you enter your email ID on which you want to create your blank account.

Password: Here, you enter the password which you always remember and which no other person can guess quickly.

After this, click on the box with I Am Not A Robot and click on the button with Signup seen above.

After doing this, there will be a Verification Link on the email registration you have given at the time of registration. You have to get that verification link done by clicking Verify.

After doing this, your account will be created on the Quora website. After this, you fill your profile well and start asking good questions about it.

Quora website is a substantial and straightforward means of acquiring knowledge. So if you want to increase your knowledge, then definitely be associated with this website.

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