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What Is Closewise & How Can It Help Grow Notary Signing Agent Business?

by Alice Walker 5 months ago in business
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What Is Closewise & How Can It Help Grow Notary Signing Agent Business?

About CloseWise

CloseWise is a platform for both notary agents and signing services. Our unique platform helps you grow your notary signing agent business.

Closewise allows everyone involved in closing to interact and finalize the closing. Our platform has two main verticals: one for notary agents and the other for signing services. We are also one of the leading real estate signings platforms having some of the best and authorized notary agents.

Closewise is a legit notary management software that creates a win-win situation for authorized onboarded notary agents and companies seeking notary service. Once you post a request, our platform will provide you with information about the agents in your area. This helps in saving precious time and having a transparent deal.

Our loan closing software is one of the best as we amalgamate notary agents, signing services, and title companies into one platform. CloseWise has a very easy and fast workflow automation process, and we keep transforming our platforms from the feedback received by the agents and customers.

What Are The Benefits of Using CloseWise Software?

As stated, we keep abreast with the developing technology and update the latest technology. Below are listed some of the benefits that one can avail of:

1: Accounting

When working with many customers, it is of utmost importance to track your accounting. Closewise is an all-in-one platform, and accounting is one of the salient features that you can get by using this platform.

Generating profit and loss reports is one of the most important things when it comes to accounting. When you use Closewise, the P&L reports process is automated based on the income and expense data fed in the dashboard. It helps save time and money, and you can either view it or even download it to pay your taxes.

When conducting business, many expenses are incurred, and our notary management software does that for you. You can track your expenses and be informed about them. All you have to do is open CloseWise and enter the expenses incurred, and there is also a feature of taking a photo of the receipts.

You work to rake in income, and when you are working with many clients, it is necessary to maintain a list. Closewise notary management software helps you maintain a list of which clients have paid and which client has to pay all in one place. The payment status is updated in real-time, and you won’t miss a payment.

Closewise helps you generate professional invoices that you can send to your clients. With this automation feature, you can easily generate an invoice and send it to the client through Closewise notary accounting software. It helps you grow your notary agent signing business.

2: Processing of Payment

The automation of payroll and approval status for the work done can all be on the Closewise platform. You wouldn’t have to text or call the clients for approvals as it will be displayed on the dashboard in real-time. You just have to link your bank account with the Closewise platform when you sign in. All the payments will be directed to your bank account instantly by the Closewise software. No more waiting for cheques or frequent calls to the customer. Once the job is approved, you will receive the payment.

Tracking your payroll is made easier, and you can track it from anywhere and on any device. There will be no room for discrepancies as all the data will be accurately updated.

3: Scheduling

CloseWise also helps agents and clients by doubling up as a notary database and scheduling platform. With the scheduling feature from Closewise, the notary agents can access the phone numbers and place calls. This eliminates the tedious process of looking for the concerned person’s contact details, thus saving precious time.

Once the initial calling is done, one can schedule an appointment in person or through a video call. If the meeting is in person, then the notary agent can even get the route map through Apple or Google Maps based on their device.

4: Notifications

Notifications are a must as they keep you aware of the happenings. Closewise notary software will send you valid notifications that will help you act upon. Be it a new project or a message from a client for an ongoing project, you will get it all.

5: Reporting feature

This feature keeps track of how many miles have been traveled to meet the clients at the click of a button. This helps generate a report for a write-off when you are about to pay taxes. All your order reports from the past, present, and future orders will be displayed on one page. You can easily track which projects are completed, which are to be completed, and the status of your future orders. The reports can be easily downloaded from any device connected to the CloseWise notary management software.



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