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What Are The Various Types Of Standing Desks


Prolonged sitting is very common among office workers, freelancers, etc. Unfortunately, this way of working can take a toll on the health of a person. From obesity to heart disease, and diabetes, extended periods of sitting can adversely impact your health.

Standing desks offer a wide range of physical benefits and help enhance work productivity at the workplace. Due to this reason, these desks have got recently popular in offices. These standing desks come in several types of styles that can suit the office settings and preferences of the user.

Health Benefits of Standing Desks

There are several reasons how standing desks can enhance the health of a user and boost productivity levels too.

• Enhance Energy Levels

Sitting for long periods can cause you to feel fatigued. When you stand and work all day, it improves the circulation of blood in the body. The result is that it makes you more alert, and awake. It does not make you sleepy especially during the afternoon.

EZ Shopper is a leading UK-based company that provides the finest range of standing desks for wholesale costs for businesses. These height-adjustable desks are available in high-quality finishes. Their products are thoroughly tested and certified electrical components.

• Enhances Posture

Prolonged sitting can cause posterior pelvic tilt. By sitting in a poor posture for a continuous period, can make the back rounded and hunched. By switching to standing, helps develop core muscle strength and leads to improved body posture.

• Lessen Back Pain

The sit-stand pattern during office hours helps lower back pain. It can prove to be a serious concern in the long-term. Just by incorporating a few minutes of standing into the daily work routine, you can lessen severe pain caused due to prolonged sitting.

Types of Standing Desks

Standing desks comes in various types. Let us know their features and use.

• Sit-To-Stand Adapters

These are mini-desks that are installed above the conventional seated desk. It rises when a person wishes to stand. This machine needs a manual operation. You can get them in wooden and metal grooves and risers. They are a good machine for beginners who don’t need to put more money into it. These machines come with a limited weight carrying capacity.

• Fixed Standing Desks

This is a fixed standing desk that is installed at a fixed height for standing adults. You can’t reduce it to a lower level. They are tall even at the lowest setting. This type of desk is available with exercise equipment such as stationary bikes, and treadmills.

These are the ideal standing desks if you want to create a dedicated workout or work station. These desks are relatively cheaper compared to sit-to-stand desks.

• Hand-Cranked Sit-To-Stand Desks

This type of model incorporates both standing as well as sitting postures. It uses a rotary crank that helps elevate and reduce the desk surface while the feet remain grounded in place. This desk comes with efficient locking and gearing systems that prevent users from getting tired out.

If you are looking for an economical model, then this model could be the best bet. The only condition is that you need to have your desktop surface. This machine comes with no specialized control system and motors and is cheap, lighter, and easy to take it around.

• Powered Sit-To-Stand Desks

This is the highly recommended standing desk for people. As the name suggests, this is an automated type of desk that is powered by small electrical motors. These motors are present in the rising columns present beneath the desktop.

The bigger models are feature-packed and expensive. Some of its features include customized hardwood desktops, programmable motors, and integrated power systems.


Standing desks provides a host of health benefits to a person. Based on your budget, requirements, and preference, you can choose the ideal one. If you are committed to living a healthy life for a longer-term and can spend a few more bucks on your health, then you should invest in a powered sit-to-stand desk.

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