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What are the real money-making methods people don't reveal?

by Lana Ridlon 2 months ago in how to

Here a surprise for you.

What are the real money-making methods people don't reveal?
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There is NO magical way for it; NONE!

Otherwise it would have been leaked out by now. By that one guy out of millions who found it hard to digest talks like that as there are such humans in every class be it rich or poor. And everyone knows it.


There are some interesting answers in this feed with a good variety of strategies. When it comes to money I think most people are quite transparent in how they earn it (unless it is illegal or immoral). And when it comes to making money I think too many people are trying to re-invent the wheel, looking for that brand new idea that hasn’t been done before and will surely make them a multi-millionaire.

Although this does happen time to time- I find sticking to strategies that have been implemented by many before and actually proven to work in making money is the best way to go about it in terms of reaching your financial goals.

I have noticed that many people are actually turning to sites like Quora to gain more insight into how to make money and specifically how to make it with The Internet.

This is excellent because as more menial jobs are becoming automated this is putting more people out of work but thanks to the internet the solution to income can be attained with both hard work and discipline. I choose to work online myself because I enjoy both the flexibility and self employment.

I normally advise others who are interested in starting out online to look at working with e-commerce as the internet is full of online shoppers and most people would prefer to purchase certain products online thanks to the convenience and (usually) cheaper pricing.

But the re-occurring problem I am coming across is that a lot of people who are already struggling financially don’t have the money to start such an online business and therefore never get the ball rolling.

If this sounds like you then here is another alternative that I have recently been working in and seen impressive success. Affiliate Marketing. I am sure many of you have heard of it and if you haven’t then simply put it is the process of promoting other products (online) from businesses and being paid (as an affiliate) for bringing in customers and sales. It’s an old business model and is used in every single niche you can think of. And the greatest thing is that it is free to start.

You just need to focus on three key areas.

The product you are promoting

How you are going to market and build traffic from the targeted audience

The follow up with your leads (those interested) so that you can convert them into sales.

There are many different ways of going about this. The most common system you may have heard of is a sales funnel where you work with initial leads expressing interest in the products and work them down the funnel (the buyers journey) until they make a sale. It may sound a little strange but google/youtube and you will find a ton of content to explain it in fuller details (trying to keep this post short- not working too well).

But for those that are familiar with affiliate marketing and interested in starting an online business this is what I recommend if you don’t have the money to get into something like e-commerce. I have actually created a guide with the Free marketing tools that I used to get started and am happy to share it around.

You can get my guide here and I am sure within a week you will have your first sale!

Any ways I hope this will be insightful to some people out there and remember if you start today then you’re so much closer to success than if you never even bother!

If you wanna know more about myself and my business then head over to my facebook page and check things out there!

In order to actually make money online, don’t keep jumping from one method to another. Choose one method and stick to it for as long as it takes, then the money will come.

Many a time, when you start implementing a particular method, you will not be successful immediately. But when you stick to it, then it will grow and the success will come.

A tree is not grown in one day, and you did not grow up to become the person you are today just in one day. It took time.

All the best friends

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Lana Ridlon
Lana Ridlon
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