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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Email Marketing

by Michael Pickett 12 months ago in business
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To email or not to email, that is the question.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Email Marketing
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The Pros of email marketing

It’s an affordable way to engage your target audience

Email marketing is a very cost effective way for your business to reach and engage people. If you have the skill to write your own emails and create an email strategy internally, your cost for managing a robust email campaign can be very low. Even with the cost of a basic client management software system, you can keep your investment at a minimum and manage thousands of thoughtful and effective emails monthly.

It can help build customer relationships

Email is a great way to make a personal and personalized contact with customers. When you craft an email that’s a good reflection of your company’s brand, it will help customers get to know your company better, build trust and increase sales.

It helps to create and expand brand recognition

Your company’s brand is much more than just your logo. Your brand is how you’re known in the marketplace. The tone, design and content of your emails will help to establish your unique brand.

It can be created and launched quickly and easily

Unlike more traditional marketing campaigns that take time for design, production and distribution, an email can be written and sent in just a few minutes.

It’s very customizable

With a few easy keystrokes, email is customizable to support a more personalized customer experience. When you take the time to understand your target audience, email is a powerful tool of engagement.

Data and analytics are easy to capture and track

Data is becoming even more valuable in business and it helps you get to know your customer. Email allows you to capture and track a wealth of information so you know who opens, reads and takes action from every email.

It can bring customers to your website

An email campaign with engaging content and a clear call-to-action (CTA) can help draw customers to your website.

It’s easy to share

Customers can easily hit the ‘forward’ key on their keyboard and send your information sailing over to a friend. Be sure your email content is versatile enough to appeal to a range of people.

3 out of 4 people are using email

About 76 percent of Americans (248.7 million) are email users and many check their email several times daily (usually on their cell phones).

The Cons of email marketing

Most people won’t open your email

Given the high volume of emails most people receive, it’s very possible that your emails will get lost in the flood. Creating personal, engaging emails will help you stand out in a crowded inbox.

It requires consistency and constant updates

Emails and email campaigns must be maintained well and refreshed often. Fresh content and new information will keep customers wanting more.

You’re swimming in an ocean of competition for time

With so many people and businesses using the internet, how do you know whether or not your email is even being read? Use data to monitor click-throughs, read-rate and traffic so you can improve each email campaign.

Design, tone and strategy will make or break your emails

Consider a thoughtful approach with your email marketing. When email is hastily assembled, it can convey the wrong brand emphasis.

Emails can feel impersonal and ‘sales-y’

Even though emails can be customized, they don’t replace the value of human interaction. Remember to stay focused on real people—even in virtual communication.

The unsubscribe button is easy to find

As easy as email can be, it’s also easy for your leads and customers to unsubscribe. When customers get tired of the volume or content of emails, they can easily unsubscribe and disappear.

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