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Web Development for Non Profits: Top 9 Tips

by Hubmedia 3 days ago in advice

Web Development

eb development for nonprofits is a primary source organized to encourage users to donate. Nonprofit websites are simple and are easy to use for users from all corners of the planet. The digital marketing services provided by Hub Media can help you create the best website design and improve its ranking. Nonprofits here stand for somehow managing charities.

Developing a website will profit in such a way that the attention of old as well as new donors continues to be shown. Browse web designing services in Kolkata and look for samples. But remember that web designing costs money. The cost of web development for nonprofits is equal to functionality when added to the hosting. This is how website designing for charities and donations attracts many people.

What To Know Before Designing A Website

As we all know, there are millions of people out there in the world who do have a kind heart. But what often makes people quit websites too early without donating is an unattractive design, bad user experience, and also sometimes websites don't match up to their expectations. If you are living in Kolkata, you can search for a website development company in Kolkata on the internet. A good nonprofit website is visible and known all over the place. And this has been concluded that websites need development if you want to attract a significant number of investors. It must be bitter to know the truth about how people don't see the real cause behind the website. But this is what it is and just start improving your website today.

Important Elements Of Websites

The essential elements of a nonprofit website are as follows-

  • You must have a vision for your website as well as a mission to accomplish.
  • Make sure to make a list of things to do and the reason why.
  • Always make sure that nonprofit websites have to be designed with a donate button.
  • There has to be a blog section on the website. This blog section helps to get more info about this page as well as about the author. For example, write about a website development company in Kolkata.
  • Make sure to mention "click here" for contact information about any query regarding the donation charity, the aim of the website, etc. You can also add a read more button to get more users' attention.
  • You can have 'download this' CTA because it is a go-to requirement in a nonprofit website.

9 Tips To Design A Nonprofit Website

Do Your Research

The first and foremost tip is to have faith in what you are doing. Clear all the doubts and have a clear-cut idea about the website. Now is the time when you can begin the proper process of web development for the future nonprofit website.

Choosing A Web Development Company

Choose a company that works professionally. There are various web development services in Kolkata that can do the work for you. Over here, you can't try it yourself due to a lack of efficiency as a professional skilled web designer. Make sure while choosing a web development company look at their experience of working with nonprofits and charity sites, also look for reviews about them.


This will allow you to use your site and attract powerful and convenient potential donors. In addition to this, make sure to tell the story behind your organization. The section should have more reading options that allow further reading. Always make sure to give a personal touch to the work you are performing. Why is it important for you, and what is your mission about? In this way, the visitors connect with you, and this maintains a balance of trust between you and your visitors.

Design Of The Website

You can browse the internet for website designers in Kolkata and get the designs made by them. The mission you have in your brain and the image you created should match your website's design and its web color schemes. You can ask the designer to create a website prototype and a mockup so that you get a chance to look at your account and finalize what looks perfect and what needs work.

Better UX

Easy navigation is important to have a pleasant experience while using your website. All the information should be easily available. This helps in rewards with the increased donation and a low bounce rate. This makes UX design important.

Adding Online Donation Form

There is also an important part of the nonprofit websites. Use all your maximum strength to implement the formation of an online donation form. Make sure to add a quick donation option that says click here to donate. The form should be available in such a way that anyone from any part of the world can easily donate. Don't forget to add all the mobile payment systems so that the user does not get an excuse or frustration while donating.

Optimizing The Website To Reduce The Load Time

This is an important tip because time is important for both common users and search engines. By reducing the loading time, it allows your site to load in a matter of seconds. The faster the website loads, the better it will be presented in front of the visitors.

Mobile-Friendly Website

Your website should load quickly on computers as well as mobile phones. As the world is in a hurry, the primary device used by people is the phone. 80% of the visitors use mobile phones to visit your websites so keep that in mind. Make sure to optimize your site for mobile phone users. This will increase your support system and donation funds allowing everyone to support your project.

Start With MVP

Using a minimum viable product (MVP) allows you to create a website very quickly. It has a minimal amount of features and a very basic design. It will be useful if you have a limited budget and a very short time to raise further funds. Moreover, it will also be progressing as you can gradually add new features and develop with time.

Final Words

These were some tips that you should know when designing a website for a nonprofit organization. I hope it will help you understand aspects of website designing very well.

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