Wealth Creation

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'In order to get what you want, you must deserve what you want.'

Wealth Creation

1.) Work smart.

2.) Hedge your money.

3.) Get out of debt.

4.) Invest for long term.

5.) Diversify

In order to get what you want, you must deserve what you want. The world is not yet a crazy enough place to reward a whole bunch of undeserving people. There is definitely something to these tips I have given you. Let’s explore “Working Smart!”

I can remember once upon a time I used to work for McDonald’s and I was always stressed out. I started out in one job description at $10.25 an hour, then, years later, I accumulated several job descriptions totaling over five, but yet my pay had only moved to $13.50 and I was doing ten times the work. Something for me did not add up. I was able to clean, cook, handle cash, manage, but yet I was not being paid the amount of value in terms of dollars that I deserved. Most of the time, at regular jobs, we never get paid what we are worth. In terms of fairness, since one job paid $10.25 an hour and I had accumulated five different job descriptions, then the correct payout I should have been receiving is $51.25 an hour! Regular nine to five jobs always want to get the most out of people for the least so they want to pay you chump change and make you work like you are Superman! I finally realized that McDonald’s was never going to pay me that amount of money even if I were to take on 100 job descriptions. So I left and found financial education and started my own business. The first business I started was a small landscaping company and boy, did I have my work cut out for me. I started to do the due diligence to legitimize the business and get it rocking and rolling. I started out with just me but then I quickly realized that even though I was self employed, I would literally burn myself out trying to do all of this labor and hard work by myself even though I was the owner.

So even though I didn’t have to punch a clock, I still had to get up day by day and grind it out if I wanted to make some money. There was definitely more money here but it seemed like more physical stress as well, so I was a little confused. At McDonald’s I was making about $750 a month after taxes with about 25hrs a week, and now I was bringing in about $2,500 a month owning my own business but I’m working over 40hrs a week. I thought to myself how in the world can I make this amount with having to put this many hours in of hard labor. Finally I found a solution! All I did was hire people to do the work for me. So I hired three guys to take care of the labor of the company while I gave them direction. So in total, we brought in about $3,000 then after paying my workers, I was left with about $1,800, but I put in zero hours of work. Even though that is a huge pay cut to some people, but I’m looking at the side of cherishing my time. I put in no labor work and still made $1,800! So that opened up my life a little to enjoy and think about the next chapter of my financial success. I must say that it was pretty enjoyable to sit at home and relax with the family and still cash a weekly check of $450. Teaching others how to do this is what I love to do so more people can enjoy the pleasures that life has to offer!

Cordell Hicks
Cordell Hicks
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