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Ways to be less nervous during a job interview

Tips and tricks to calm your nerves during a job interview

By Banks and Insurance JobsPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
Ways to be less nervous during a job interview
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Applying for jobs can be daunting, especially when you get rejected before a job interview or don’t even receive a response to your application. But when you finally get invited for a job interview, your excitement can quickly turn into nerves. This is okay unless your nerves get so bad that they start to take everything over and turn your job interview into a nerve-wracking experience. Hiring managers always keep in mind that a jobseeker can be a tat bit nervous, but if you display more nerves than professionalism, it may ruin your chances of landing the job. This is unfortunate, but luckily you can work on it. Therefore we would like to share a few simple tips and tricks to help you calm your nerves during a job interview.

Be prepared

Practice makes perfect we get it. But we don’t agree entirely with it. Before you stop reading, please let us explain. We don’t agree entirely with it because you don’t need to be perfect. Perfect answers are not what a hiring manager is looking for during a job interview. Therefore make sure that you are prepared to answer the questions that will be asked but don’t worry about giving the perfect answer.

Just be yourself

We know you always get hit around the head with this phrase. And on the other hand, you need to fake it till you make it. Very confusing and also not the best advice. But it's best to stay close to yourself. Pretending to be someone you’re not will only make you more nervous as now you also need to put on the facade of being the perfect employee.

Do some research

Ask them about their job interview if you know someone working at the company or who has worked there. They can give you an insight into how the job interview will go and give you some advice and tips.

Focus on your goal

Your goal is to have a great job interview—nothing more and nothing less. So focus on that. Don’t worry about what happened before the job interview or what will happen after. Just be present at the moment, and you will feel less anxious. Of course, this doesn't mean that what happens after the job interview isn't important, but if you focus on multiple things during your job interview, you may set yourself up for failure. For example, the recruiter is explaining to you how the work culture is at their company. You are thinking about what you'll wear on your first day to work. Next thing you know, you don't know what the recruiter was talking about, and you can't answer the following question correctly. The outcome? More nerves than you started with. To conclude, focus on your goal.

Take a few seconds before you answer

Don’t rush to answer. Take a deep breath and think about your answer. You can even tell the recruiter that you need a moment to think about your answer and ask if they can return to the question later. You may be scared to ask for a moment to think or to come back later to a question, but it can help you as it allows you to answer and say what you want to say. If you immediately answer the question, you may say something that you’ll regret or get embarrassed by, and that will only make you more nervous. Therefore it’s best to take your time.

Be honest

If you’re incredibly nervous and think it may ruin your chances, then it's best to inform the hiring manager upfront. This way, they're aware of it and can take it into account. And if you notice that the recruiter is taking it into account automatically, you’ll be more at ease during the interview.


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