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Vocal: The Rookies Guide to Writing

by Amanda Mitchell about a month ago in advice

What I learned in my first month on Vocal

Vocal: The Rookies Guide to Writing
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I am officially a month into my Vocal membership, and with 25 stories posted, I have no intentions of leaving the platform anytime soon. I have written more in the last month, than I had my entire high school career, and I've enjoyed every minute of it. As a fan of instant gratification, Vocal’s ‘one cent per two views system’ keeps me motivated much in the same way running while looking at donuts would. After being on the platform for a month, I have learned a fair amount about the company and would like to share it with you now.

How to get the most views possible on your stories

There is nothing like the disappointment of writing a story you are proud of, just to have 5 people view it. Of course this will happen sometimes, but here are a few things you can do to avoid it. First off, properly name your stories. Make it straight forward, descriptive and easily searchable. Think clickbait. Write about current events. Topics fall in and out of trends all the time, so if something that is currently ‘popular’ is a topic you feel confident speaking upon, start writing. These stories are often chosen as top stories, which skyrocket your views.

Lastly, post to challenges as often as possible. For example, there is a challenge currently out called ‘Spring Forward’, in which you are to submit stories about how you like to recognize for the spring. I had already written an article entitled 'How To Avoid Cleaning Your Room', which is not really on topic, but close enough that it is suitable for the challenge. Since submitting it, the views on that story has increased by 70%. If it makes even a bit of sense, post it.

Fastest way to make money

Vocal has many different systems in place to assure that you are able to make a profit from your writing, one of which is the bonus system. You can earn bonuses for liking other stories, posting five stories yourself, or even simply writing something that the vocal team finds cool.

Write every story that pops into your head, whether you like it or not. Of the stories I have posted, 4 out of my top 5 viewed stories are the ones that I didn’t even like. Half the time I find myself writing on the platform to improve my skill and creativity, not because I think the story is going to be a hit. It seems to always be the stories that I think no one will ever read, that get the glory. I guess you never really know what people are going to like.

If you want to learn more about how to make a profit on Vocal check out my story, How To Make Money On Vocal.

The Company is New and Promising

A week or two into my journey, I saw the post made by the CEO, Jeremy Frommer entitled 'Celebrating 20,000 Vocal+ Member Milestone'. Only three months prior, Vocal had posted an article of the same nature, saying they hit 10,000 users. This means they saw a 100% increase in users, in what is a considerably small amount of time. Furthermore, in the 'Celebrating 20,000' story, Jeremy goes on to say they are expecting to hit 100,000 by the end of the year.

Now I don’t know if that is true or even realistic, but I do know that they have seen close to $50,000 worth of paid sponsorships in the past month and that is seemingly new feature. For a company to invest that much into marketing on one platform, they have to at least believe in the possibility of it bringing future growth, right?

As a disclaimer, I know close to nothing about the stock market. However, what I do know is that Vocal is part of the CRTD stock, which is currently valued at $4.96 and dropping. I am assuming that if the company is expecting to grow 5x in users, and hopefully in revenue, the stock could gain value as well. I don’t actually know how stocks work, but I believe in the company so to quote the wise words of Roaring Kitty,

"I am as bullish as ever on this stock."

I strongly believe that the platform is going to grow quite rapidly this year, and I am excited to come along on the journey.

Hey guys, thanks for reading! If you enjoyed this story maybe let me know by sending a like. Tips are appreciated as well! Happy writing!

Amanda Mitchell
Amanda Mitchell
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