Vocal.Media Review

by Arlee Maxwell about a year ago in feature

I have been using Vocal for some time and just wanted to share my experience with anyone interested in blogging.

Vocal.Media Review

Ever since I was little I was always interested in blogging. I have joined many sites, and have tried many different platforms through the years.

A little over a year ago I discovered Vocal from a Facebook post and thought, “well I’ve tried them all, so why not.” I created my first blog and it was a success. Vocal recognized me on social media for it, it received a lot more attention than I expected. I thought it was neat that Vocal helps the creators with traffic, and it shows within this blogging community that they genuinely care about us becoming successful, and keeping us inspired.

Here are my current views and earnings. I know I should blog more, spend more time creating, and all that, because the potential to earn is definitely there.

For me I am all over the place with my blogs. I write whatever comes to mind. It could be from new shoes, to personal life lessons, to non-fiction, fiction, and so on. I have not yet put a label on who I am as a creator, and don’t plan to. My plan is to continue writing, even if I am the only person it makes sense to.

Many other creators using Vocal more often than I do are really proving if you buckle down and write, and publish like you should, Vocal has the ability to help compensate for it. Pictured below are a few creators and what they have earned using Vocal.

Vocal is also very active on improving their site to benefit its creators. We will soon have the ability to follow other creators, and become more personal with each other in this community providing more support to one another. I did become a Vocal+ member and honestly I couldn’t be happier about doing so. I now earn $6 per 1000 reads instead of $3 per 1000 reads. I can cash out at $20 instead of $35.

I think vocal is right for everyone. I encourage everyone to give it a try! Don’t focus so much on what you earn, how many views you get, and all that. Instead focus on whatever it is you’re wanting to write about, and let it out. For me writing makes me feel better. I am not very good at it, nor proper, and I'm very much scattered-brained at times, but I enjoy it, and truly enjoy the platform Vocal has provided for me.

Pictured above are the benefits of becoming a Vocal+ member versus not being one. I strongly urge anyone serious about writing to become a Vocal+ member. I don’t benefit in any way from telling you that, I don’t make money from it, and so on.

I will add that my only negative I have disliked about Vocal is not being able to truly write and express my personal self and feelings I want to get out, or ways I want to relate with others at times. The amount of post denied because I talked about what I believe in saddens me. I personally love God, and I wish I could freely write about my personal experiences and love for him more often without being flagged for it.

With that said, my current year review of Vocal is:

7/10 stars.

I can’t give a 10/10, because, for me, if I can’t write about Jesus the way I want to, I can’t be fully be satisfied with this site. I do have faith Vocal will make changes one day to better accommodate the creators.

Arlee Maxwell
Arlee Maxwell
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