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Vocal has a new feature!

by Sara Aulds 4 months ago in advice

Pssst… subscribe!

Vocal has a new feature!
Photo by hannah joshua on Unsplash

So something NEW showed up on my Vocal account last night! Subscriptions!

Seems like only a couple days ago when I first heard the mention of Vocal feeling around for their Vocalist’s thoughts about a new feature… oh wait… it was a couple days ago! The survey… duh!

Looks like it’s come to light and honestly, it’s about darn time!

I couldn’t wait, I had to check it out for myself. Yup… I said it. I was excited to push a button. BUT it actually works! Not that I was expecting it to crap out when I clicked it, but there was a small, like …. I don’t know, 0.00005% chance it would?

Having a subscription button will make Vocalists (a.k.a Creators. I feel Vocalists is more fitting for those who use Vocal because not everyone writes, some people are here to just read) and their content feels more appreciated, along with the tipping feature added a little while ago. I think this will give a confidence boost to a lot of writers who need to know their work is appreciated and that they ACTUALLY have an audience.

Personally, I have felt that I am writing to a wall and I have to over share just to get a few views on my stories. Vocal Creator Lounge and those in it have done wonderful with their support, sharing stories, and giving feedback, but subscriptions should also help those who need that extra umph! That being said, I want to encourage everyone to subscribe to at least one person today! One person! Make them feel special with the start of an audience or the growth of their audience.

I can see some pros and cons coming from the new subscription feature.

The pros being:

  • You gain an audience/followers. A number you can watch grow.
  • It feels like a blog now!
  • It does allow you to unsubscribe (for any reason)
  • It’s private to your audience, as in, they can’t see how many subscribers are subscribed to a Creator. (This one can go both ways)


  • You can’t see how many subscribers someone has. I say this goes both ways because I feel some people will follow others if they have good content but not a lot of followers. They want to subscribe to encourage and support those who need a boost. This would be a good way to help promote other Creators by posting their profile on one of the Facebook groups and encouraging others to check out their content and subscribe!
  • It adds one more number to compare your progress and success to.
  • You can’t see who your subscribers are.
  • Feels more like social media now, than just a “small” group of creators. It could get into more of a popularity war between Vocal and it’s creators.
  • Could start favoritism.
  • Could lead to it being required to have so many subscriptions to enter Challenges, or in the very least some Challenges reserved for those who have such and such subscribers and over.

I have some high hopes for the growth of this feature. Actually, I have high hopes for the growth of Vocal. I’ve been a part of Vocal since 2017 and it has definitely grown in numbers and usability.

Thank you all for reading! Let’s all go subscribe to each other and have fun. Keeping the fun and not letting this add or take away from the Vocal experience is what I hope happens as you all encourage and support one another on here.

See ya later!

Sara :D

*Tips are never required, but are much appreciated


Sara Aulds

I am a photographer and videographer from Cincinnati, Ohio. I write as a hobby and capture reality as a profession.

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Sara Aulds
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