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Virtual Murder Mystery team building mechanism

This article discussed the benefits of virtual murder mystery team development exercises.

By Olivia johnPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

Continue reading to find out about a virtual murder mystery and its efforts towards team building.

What is a virtual murder mystery team building?

Corporate lives through the years of this pandemic have been struck for ineffectiveness. The social distancing and online work schedules have lost team building ability for the employees. The workers are no longer in connection with the team in order to provide the most effective solution to the client for their problems. Virtual murder mystery is one of the games which will inculcate more problem-solving ability for workers in the common crisis situation that their clients are facing. They will collaborate with each other and appreciate the efforts for mutual good.

Team building activities will make sure that the workers find themselves attached to the corporate lives and common interests besides being stuck at home. Mysterious games will help the workers connect the dots and align their competitiveness for the success of the firm. These activities will make sure that everyone collaborates with their expertise and get to the best result in the least possible time. One can even consider these activities as a path towards enhanced communication between workers. For example, consider that the employee has been recently recruited to the firm and the online work pattern had made it uneasy for him to get in touch with the partners of his team.

In such a scenario, it's the job of the HR to conduct these team-building activities for the benefit of the company. These activities will pave a way towards greater communication between workers and help them tackle the work in an effective manner. If you're willing to consider the advantages of the virtual murder mystery team building mechanism, then this post has 4 good reasons to substantiate your opinion about its efficiency. Continue reading to explore them.

How will a virtual murder mystery serve as a team building mechanism?

PROBLEM SOLVING ABILITY OF THE INDIVIDUAL CAN BE ACCESSED FOR MUTUAL GOOD - the virtual murder mystery will provide you a scenario where an individual has been murdered. There will be clues around the body and the home. Different teams will be allowed to monitor the scenario and therefore make predictions about the murderer. Individuals need to find the solutions to the problems arising and use their mind to judge the scenario as an investigator. Problem solving ability of the team based on the collaborated clues found is to be judged here. Virtual murder mystery team building will help the corporate lives to collaborate with each other and communicate properly.

FORMULATION OF STRATEGIES WITH BETTER ANALYSIS OF THE TEAM - Murder mystery requires the team to formulate a strategy and follow the steps, as the murderer has left the hints behind him or her. One needs to understand the potential of the teammate and be confident towards the team making a choice mutually. This analysis among the team members can be clearly visible in the virtual murder mystery team building activities.

UNDERSTANDING THE PROS AND CONS OF EVERY SOLUTION PRESENTED BY THE TEAM MEMBERS - one of the important things that the corporate world should understand is the prospectus of the problem. Benefits and disadvantages are to be studied for every solution before its implication. If a team member proposes any hint which is to be followed in the murder mystery, then the team should analyse the situation and respond in the best manner in order to succeed.

ENHANCED COMMUNICATION BETWEEN THE EMPLOYEES - virtual murder mystery team building activities will help the HR people increase the level of communication between the teammates and manager. The effect of conversation skills can be a major reason which will reap success for the firm.


This post was about virtual murder mystery team building activities and its advantages.


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