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Unveiling the Languages Used for Android App Development

Android App Development

By iWebServicesPublished 4 months ago 2 min read


Android app development has witnessed tremendous growth, enabling developers to create innovative and engaging applications for millions of users worldwide. Behind the scenes, various programming languages play a crucial role in building these Android apps.

In this article, we will explore the primary languages used for Android app development, shedding light on the Android programming language, the preferred language for Android apps, and the most commonly used languages in the Android development ecosystem.

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Java: One of the Well-Known Android Programming Languages:

The Android platform itself is written in Java, which has traditionally been the de facto language for Android app development. Java offers a rich set of libraries and APIs specifically designed for building Android applications. It provides developers with robust features, cross-platform compatibility, and extensive documentation, making it an excellent choice for developing Android apps.

Kotlin: The Preferred Language for Android Apps:

In recent years, Kotlin has gained significant popularity and has emerged as the preferred language for Android app development. Kotlin is a modern, concise, and statically typed programming language that seamlessly integrates with existing Java codebases.

It offers enhanced safety features, null safety, improved readability, and increased productivity. Google officially supports Kotlin as a first-class language for Android development, making it an excellent alternative to Java.

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Other Languages in the Android Development Ecosystem:

3.1 C++: While Java and Kotlin are the primary languages used for Android app development, certain scenarios call for the use of C++. C++ offers low-level access to hardware and is often employed for performance-critical components of an Android app or when utilizing existing C/C++ libraries.

3.2 JavaScript: JavaScript, in conjunction with frameworks such as React Native, enables the development of cross-platform apps for both Android and iOS. This approach allows developers to write code once and deploy it on multiple platforms, saving time and effort.

3.3 C#: Although primarily associated with Microsoft technologies, C# can be used for Android app development through frameworks like Xamarin. Xamarin allows developers to write code in C#, which is then compiled to native Android code, providing a native app experience.

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Most Commonly Used Languages for Android Apps:

While Java, Kotlin, and C++ are the main languages for Android app development, the majority of Android apps are now being developed using Kotlin. With Google's official endorsement and its modern features, Kotlin has gained widespread acceptance in the Android development community.


Android app development offers a plethora of options when it comes to programming languages. While Java has been the traditional choice, Kotlin has emerged as the preferred language for developing Android apps due to its modern features, excellent interoperability with existing Java codebases, and official support from Google.

Additionally, other languages like C++, JavaScript, and C# have their place in specific use cases, such as performance optimization or cross-platform development.

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Whether you choose to hire Android app developers from India or any other region, it is important to carefully evaluate their skills, experience, and portfolio. Collaborating with experienced developers ensures the successful execution of your Android app development project, regardless of the programming language chosen.


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