Unique Career Opportunities in Real Estate

Entering the real estate world can be scary at first, but there are seemingly endless opportunities for growth and profit when it comes to buying and selling properties.

Unique Career Opportunities in Real Estate
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Entering the real estate world can be scary at first, but there are seemingly endless opportunities for growth and profit when it comes to buying and selling properties. While many people first think about realtors when they think about careers in real estate, there are more options than you may realize. Let's explore a few different career paths you may want to consider in the real estate industry.


One of the most exciting roles in real estate is working as an investor—investing in property, whether it's a dream home with a spacious kitchen and envy-worthy backyard, or an abandoned property that needs a lot of work, is a thrilling endeavor. To start, you can browse local listings or ask a realtor to conduct a search for you.

Once you find a property, you can keep it as a rental property or decide to upgrade it and sell it. When you're done with your upgrades, you can look into Simply Sold Property so you can sell your property quickly—selling to a direct buyer can be a great option because you don't need to go through a real estate agent, you don't need to make any further repairs or upgrades, and you can get rid of your unwanted property fast.

Property Manager

If you're interested in residential or commercial properties but aren't quite ready to take the plunge into an investment, you can become a property manager. As a property manager, you'll be responsible for overseeing someone else's rental house—property managers can have many tasks to tackle, including but not limited to scheduling or making repairs, meet potential tenants, and ensuring the lease terms are followed. This role is important for both commercial properties and those for non-commercial use because property managers have to watch over rental properties and ensure everything goes smoothly.


Becoming an appraiser can be a fun, but challenging, career. Appraisers are responsible for looking at commercial or residential properties and determining their value—this involves considering the property location, like if it's by a good school district or not, the price of similar properties nearby, and even specific characteristics of the house, like whether or not it has a large master bedroom on the first floor. Being an appraiser can definitely be a difficult job, but it can also be very gratifying.


For a really rewarding job, you may want to consider becoming a developer—developers buy available land and build property on it. This property can be high-end condos, an office building, an apartment complex, or rental houses. This role involves planning the construction of the property, which can be an expensive and time-consuming process. But with a good understanding of the housing market and the economy, developers can start and finish a successful project.


For those interested in law and residential or commercial properties, there is always a need for real estate attorneys. These attorneys help their clients with property disputes—disputes can involve issues with leases or other documentation like if someone breaks their lease or a landlord is treating tenants unfairly. Attorneys are also needed when someone is buying or selling a home to ensure everything is fair and legal. Being this type of attorney can be rewarding without the stress that other attorneys, like those in the divorce or environmental sectors, may face.

Working in real estate can mean many different things and there are several different career paths you can consider taking. So if you're interested in the housing and commercial property world, keep these career ideas in mind.

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