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Tricks To Wow Your Home Buyers At The Open House

by Amy Nguyen about a year ago in how to

Have you ever holding an open house? Was it successful? In this article, we would like to introduce to you some useful tips to have a successful open house.

Holding an open house is a chance for sellers to dazzle buyers with the big reveal. So how to have a successful open house, these 8 tricks will help you to wow your home buyers.

#1. Choose the right time

Normally, an open house will open on the weekend when home buyers are free from work. To have as many visitors as possible, try to hold an open house on weekends and avoid any public holidays or events which can attract people rather than go to your house.

#2. Let Your Agent Take the Lead

When holding an open house, the role of agent is very important. They are not only the one who will guide you how to set up for open house day, but also be the main person who will communicate with buyers. On behalf of you, the agent will take the buyers a tour around your house and introduce them to the impressive features of your house.

#3. Try Some Simple Staging

You want to show your house in the best condition when it comes to an open house, don’t you? The best way to do it is staging your house. Agents with their experience will give you advice on whether you should hire professional stagers or just need a simple stage.

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#4. Clean Like Crazy

Having an open house means there are many people will visit your house and even place a purchase. Therefore, you definitely don’t want it to be a mess. Cleaning your house before open house day is a must if you want people to keep watching your house once they step into it.

Make sure to clean all the corners of your house, organize your stuff into different categories. Don't forget to clean appliances, windows, mirrors and cabinets to make it fingerprint-free.

#5. Put Your Pictures Away

Your personal stuff such as family photos, awards, and religious art can make potential home buyers distracted when visiting the house. Therefore, hiding them is a good way to make your house more neutral and appealing. Without personal stuffs, the house seems to belongs to noone and home buyers can easily imagine how their things will fit with the house

#6. Let the Light In

Natural light is always the best effect for your house. It not only brightens the house, but also brings people positive energy when visiting the house. Having all the doors and windows opened is the best way to utilize the natural light. If your rooms are still dark, consider turning on the lights in your room.

#7. Give Your House Some Extra Curb Appeal

The outside of your house can be the reason making home buyers decide to go inside or not. Therefore, don’t ignore it. Cut the grass, prune the trees, and trim the shrubs. Touch up porch fixtures and furniture with a little paint. Plant new shrubs or set out potted flowers. Paint the whole porch, if your budget allows.

#8. Serve Refreshments

Greeting your home views with warm cookies or freshly baked brownies at an open house is a good way to make the home viewers stay longer. They can slowly visit your house while enjoying some drink with a cookie.

This trick is used a lot by agents and it does bring positive results.

With these small touch-ups, your house will look very charming from the outside, triggering home buyers to go inside to discover the rest!

These are 8 simple steps to hold an open house. It seems very easy with the help of real estate agents. Of course, it needs your effort as well. If you are planning to hold an open house, try these!

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