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Trends copywriting: how to write selling texts in 2020

by Samad Mammadov 2 years ago in how to
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how to compose selling writings in 2020

Patterns copywriting: how to compose selling writings in 2020

Without a doubt, you have perused articles about promoting patterns in 2020. On the off chance that you have viewed a couple of these materials, you have seen that a large portion of them rehash one another.

Most Discussed 2020 patterns SMM: - story well known on Instagram, and not just - enlarged reality - the developing prevalence of video content - a functioning assault of new informal communities, for example, TikTok ...

We won't talk about what and said to such an extent. How about we perceive how the new contemporary real factors in 2020 raised selling writings and crafted by publicists, advertising, SMM-pros. Offer realities and perceptions that grabbed my eye. The configuration of the proposals on patterns.

№1 with sold content All STILL

Selling writings in the entirety of its appearances - Landing locales, KP selling posts, pamphlets, booklets - are as yet required and pertinent. What's more, they are, as in the past, nobody peruses cautiously from start to finish. Their perusing, swipe up. On the run, in fits and starts, on the corner to corner. the measure of content held.

All things considered: for presents up on 2 thousand for articles up to 5-7 thousand characters. We talked about it a year ago.

What's happening?

It broadens the time that an individual spends on the determination procedure. We need increasingly more data to settle on a choice. The advertising crowd is perusing the content, considering the suggestions, screens your informal organizations. An individual gauges, looks at the data. Along these lines, deteriorating and more terrible working single word. What the bosses said advertising and copywriting in the only remaining century about the importance of each word, that the substitution of one will prompt a critical increment in the transformation, it is presently not all that self-evident.


Try not to hone each and every word, and to upgrade the advantages unmistakably and convincingly talk about the advantages of effectively deciphering them in all channels.

Goodbye TO №2 Like

With the takeoff enjoys the more prominent accentuation on the collaborations with endorsers. From one viewpoint, long range interpersonal communication calculations will offer need to productions where more remarks and preservation. Then again, and endorsers will see whether there is a "Reference books" blog, in a post.

What's happening?

It is important to include the peruser in a discourse. A significant pretended toward the finish of the post. A similar call. Platitude arrangement of "And how are you?", "What's happening with you" pall and work more regrettable and more terrible. Search for imaginative methodologies - test, tests, speculating, direct open-finished inquiries, incitements.


As of now, assemble an assortment of methods. It doesn't require a lot of time and exertion. Understanding tape, mark the interests and methods that you snared. Are recorded in a different document whose name closes. All new and fascinating systems work best on the primary wave, so to test and apply them quickly better, until they bloomed in all records peruser's eye.

№3 MILLENIAL doesn't comprehend our jokes

St. Petersburg State University group of researchers drove by Associate Professor in the Department of General Psychology Olga Shcherbakova led an intriguing investigation. Human knowledge learned by understanding the trial set-esteemed writings - verbal jokes, double pictures, anecdotes, and images. In subjects matured 18 to 29 years, there were troubles with compassion and finding extra implications. Amusing stories told orally, youngsters see as a time misplacement in light of the fact that the significance of even straightforward joke turned out to be clear. Funniness "gone to the Internet."

What's going on?

Funniness ought to be straightforward, brief, on the temple. Parody in the style of Ilf and Petrov in the writings throughout the entire existence of the youthful age is excessively troublesome.


To stand out and viral cleverness is still acceptable. Use mem for representation and light discernment. While engaging the crowd, tell your upper hand.

№4 content is discernible in all systems, yet they should be adjusted

Here are a few figures from Popsters' examination.

In VKontakte crowd most dynamic short positions - up to 160 characters. The Facebook driving medium sized office until 1000 images and short messages (up to 160 characters) were the least including.

Long messages are very much acknowledged by the crowd Instagram: 35,5% of the considerable number of exercises to get the content is longer than 1000 characters. Online YouTube video content as long messages excelling (41.8%). What's more, greater action Telegram gets heaps of content.

What's going on?

Writings read in all systems, much of the time include long messages and show signs of improvement connection with the crowd short, even in, for example, Twitter and YouTube.


Comprehend that diverse interpersonal organizations you read various individuals. They have certain propensities and desires related with this specific system. Consider content adjustment, don't post a similar material, make changes and rectifications.

№5 calculations SOCIAL give inclination Personality

Not just we are with you intriguing to screen explicit people, not theoretical business pages and business profiles. informal organizations calculations additionally offer inclination to people and advance them better than a business account.

What's happening?

Carefully, nothing. Advancement through close to home brand is significant, as in the previous year. Writings "on our sake", where the everlasting "we", "the organization chose satisfied, offers ..." exhausting. Unknown structure "went marked down, the expanded range is relied upon to supply ..." is excessively troublesome and doesn't cause feelings.


writings need an individual style and straightforward. Keep up corporate records, do email from a man. "Voice of the organization" might be the author, proprietor, overseeing editorial manager, chief of showcasing and advertising.

In huge organizations to acquaint a few characters-journalists with each end course. he shut. Technologists discussed the creation procedure, the dealer about the merchandise and stock, client assistance about the right utilization of the item, and so on.

№6 selling writings are based on the information on brain research

Attempting to comprehend the other individual's conduct, we first exchange their thought processes. Those. account for themselves, for reasons unknown, would have acted that path right now. Albeit various gatherings of individuals at a similar marvel respond in an unexpected way. Henceforth, we need various methodologies, the postulations of discourse.

What's happening?

There is a developing interest for situations in selling. Where you select the saint and offer him a path relating to its thought processes, propensities, conduct.


Investigate psycho to see how individuals see data and settle on a choice. The more you know the frameworks and approaches of brain science, the simpler it is to compose writings. At any rate you understand why individuals carry on somehow.

№7 grumblers don't care for, I don't purchase a crybaby

The pattern earnestness, perfect picture has repulsed. Notwithstanding, anecdotes about his downturn, injury, separate, treatment for the reason for the story in the best compassion. All together not to turn into a complainer, griping continually in blogger, you need to comprehend what you are expounding on the circumstance. What precisely do you share that the peruser needs to comprehend and expel?

What's going on?

The peruser is burnt out on pseudo achievement however isn't prepared to watch the self-whipping.


Way to deal with the content stories as an essayist. Ask yourself the inquiry, as the story is identified with your item, what data about you, about the advantages and favorable circumstances of the peruser will see. What ends and the means of the story-acknowledgment leads.

№8 how and for what reason to discuss the worth

Individuals not just need to get their advantages, they need to be involved in a significant occasion for them, occasions, patterns. A solid way of life, help individuals out of luck, worry for the earth and different qualities that are significant for the crowd. Espresso in paper cups, non-plastic, cellophane, a level of each buy kids help a ravenous tiger, the care of the tree - discussing what is critical to your organization, you increment steadfastness and rouse a group of people.

What's going on?

Individuals need to know how your item, venture, the business improves the world. Regardless of whether this progression appears to be basic.


Adjust an upper hand for the pattern, which has the center crowd. Help your customer to be a pattern to be acceptable in its arrange framework, on account of your item.


Discussing patterns is constantly a conjecture. Desire. What is going to work, that will gradually pick up energy, and that he would leave rapidly, or not be viable for you will practice and testing. Make content, apply various methodologies, join patterns, watch and examine players in your industry. Furthermore, in other the. Investigation, test. Amazing you selling writings

how to

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