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Travel Itinerary Builder

by Joseph louis 6 months ago in business
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Itinerary Planning Software

What is a Travel Itinerary Builder?

A robust Itinerary is the backbone of any travel professional. If you are in the travel business, you understand the importance of a well-planned itinerary. A good itinerary not only provides information about the daily activities of a trip but also does so in a simple manner.

It is the exact layout that the travel agency utilizes for tour planning, including detailed data about the entire trip such as sightseeing, transportation, accommodation, and other details.

Customers simply look for appealing itineraries that provide good value. As a result, well-planned itineraries are essential for attracting and retaining customers.

Why choose Groupy for Travel Itinerary Builder Software?

Groupy introduces Travel Agent Itinerary Software to assist travel companies in providing the best trip plans and itineraries to their customers or end-users.

Groupy helps you automate your customer’s travel with its unique and smart Travel Itinerary Website. It is the best itinerary builder software and planner, providing you with all of your travel-related data on a unified platform.

It allows you to search for and select destinations, view maps, add and modify attractions, manage hotel reservations, and other activities. It’s simple and interactive environment is ideal for creating perfectly planned itineraries.

Using various travel itinerary templates, our online travel itinerary creator enables travel agents to create and send visually appealing itineraries to clients. Groupy's travel itinerary templates are complete with flights, transfers, hotels, cruises, and any other bookings made through the online booking process.

Benefits of Travel Itinerary Builder for Tour operators:

It also helps you manage and modify pre-loaded packages.

Its services are faster, saving you time and effort.

It simplifies data collection and itinerary creation.

Create and give unique themes for the Tour operator

All of the packages are completely customizable.

It is convenient because everything is on a unified platform

It is easy to manage

You can keep track of all your payments in one place

It has a simple interface that makes it easy to use

Key Features of the Travel Itinerary Builder That We Offer:

  • Easy set up for itinerary templates and predefined day-by-day packages
  • AI-Based Itinerary building system
  • Day-to-day schedule and activity management
  • Define your terms and conditions
  • Accessible from anywhere anytime
  • Activate / Deactivate itinerary
  • Reliable and sophisticated automated follow-up system
  • Automated payment follow-ups
  • Centralized Invoicing Systems
  • Create tailor-made itineraries in minutes
  • Book, modify or cancel a part or entire itinerary with a click of a button
  • Create quotations in minutes
  • Dynamic pricing of all your itineraries
  • It aids in pricing strategies
  • Streamlines and assists in every stage of planning like research, negotiation, administrative stage, marketing stage, and departure stage
  • Supplier management
  • Customer management
  • Auto Quotation
  • Hundreds of destinations to choose from
  • Fully customizable package
  • Package inclusion and exclusion master
  • Mobile responsive and user friendly
  • Send email to customers
  • 24/7 itinerary builder
  • Partner with Groupy for Travel Itinerary Builder Software that makes a difference.

    Groupy, a leading Travel Technology Company, introduces travel itineraries to assist travel companies in providing the best trip plans and itineraries to their customers or end-users.

    Groupy's Travel Itinerary Builder Software is ideal for travel operators and travel agencies that strive to provide unique and memorable travel experiences to their valuable customers.

    You can easily create and deliver the best itineraries and travel deals to your customers using our powerful and advanced itinerary creator. It doesn't matter if your user is looking for trips to exotic islands family vacations, cheap travels, or anything in between, you would be able to meet the needs of all.

    Groupy developed the Itinerary Builder for Travel Agents to provide a continuous flow of information to their travelers, including not only itineraries but also hotel information and flight tracking.

    For more details, visit our website:


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