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Top Upcoming Seo Trends to Look Out for in 2020

There’s no denying that the SEO landscape is indeed very dynamic in itself.

By Lauren WilliamsonPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

There’s no denying that the SEO landscape is indeed very dynamic in itself. Even though some things might stay the same, i.e. putting relevant keywords inside your titles and therefore making them a priority for mobile users. But, on the other hand, changes will continue to come through and Google will always try to be the end journey for all of its customers.

SEO is all about making websites very easy to understand and find. However, the tactics are slowly changing than what was even one year ago. This is the reason why SEO trends are being applied to every bit of online marketing by top SEO company in Atlanta services and the following are some of the best ones for 2020.

The Upcoming 2020 SEO Trends To Look Out For

1. Increase In Voice And Mobile Search

Voice search through AI or Artificial Intelligence will be going strong throughout 2020 along with mobile searches as well. In the year 2015, it was revealed by Google that people were using the mobile search feature more than desktop counterparts in almost 10 countries - including Japan and the USA. Then in the year 2018, it was found that almost half of Google's traffic is coming through mobile devices and on an average, almost 3½ hours is spent by every user on his or her mobile devices.

This is the reason why Google has shifted its priorities towards mobile using the process known as Mobile-First Index. What Mobile-First Index does is that Google mainly uses the mobile version of a page mainly for indexing purposes. This means that if your website doesn't look too good on a mobile or if the mobile version has less content than its desktop counterpart, your rankings will go down in both mobile and desktop results for a search.

Furthermore, nowadays mobile users are using more voice searches through Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa to get search results on the go. This shows that both of these processes are connected and you need to focus on both of them.

2. The Changes In Local SEO

Local SEO mostly consists of searches that are made by users within the vicinity of the area from where they’re searching. Terms like ‘near me’, ‘phone number’ and ‘addresses’ of various local services and businesses are searched more by customers nowadays. Therefore, if you have a company, then the first thing you need to do is create a Google Business Page for your business or company, which will help in redirecting customers towards you by Google themselves.

3. Machine Learning Is Here To Rule

At least for the past five years, Google has been trying to improve its machine learning experience with the help of various algorithms, so those keyword-stuffed web-pages could be avoided. In the year 2020, this will be more important than ever before.

Google uses mainly three types of mechanisms when it comes to ranking websites based on SEO. One of them is Neural Matching which helps in finding out the meaning of the query asked by the user. The second being Rank Brain which helps in adjusting the website ranking according to the behaviour of the user. The third being BERT, which is a new one. BERT is used to analyse the search structure so that the AI could understand the context of the actual search.

Since all these technologies are Google in-house ones, the best thing you can do about your side is to create good content with good page SEO with the help of professionals - and leave the rest to Google. Your intent will be paramount to create successful content.


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